Friday, August 28, 2009

Some Great Pics Sent In By Dave McElroy

Dave is an avid photographer and has a deep interest in the paranormal. Above he seems to have captured a mist in the Grist Mill at Gretchen's. Eerie. He checked the temp and discovered it was seventy two degrees inside. Interesting.
This pic was taken by Dave at Bowman's Cemetery. On our adventure there last week, we told of Amy's impression that there was a very mean woman who was lurking in the woods above the cemetery. In her mid 30's, dressed in a long black dress and her hair severely pulled into a bun on the back of her head, she seems to watch anyone who enters the cemetery. She does not come into the cemetery itself. Dave took this pic in the area where Amy felt her presence the most. In about the center you see a strange shadow on the ground in front of Dave. It is not his shadow. Has he caught a shadow person perhaps or the ghost of the mean woman trying to manifest itself? Again, a very eerie pic.

Please note the orb near the center of the picture. It is unlike any I have ever seen. I thought at first it might be a bug, but on closer inspection you can see it is an orb. It is different from most and well worth the closer look.
Thank you Dave for sending these to me. Make sure you put them in your Unexplained photo album. You might have something with these three photos. Keep up the great work!!!

Sorry it took me so long to get back here but-

This is my little mom and I down at Gretchen's Lock on Aug 18. She comes with me on many of my little adventures. I didn't realize when she was having problems this night walking around in the Mill that she was in the beginning stages of a stroke. On Aug 19, she slept all day, and when she finally woke up at 4pm, she couldn't talk. We took her to the emergency room in East Liverpool and from there she was sent to Allegheny Medical Center in Pittsburgh.
While she is much better now, the first few days were touch and go. The funny thing about strokes is that sometimes people bounce back fairly quickly. She is much better now and hopefully will stay that way for a long time to come.