Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Visit To Mr. Floyds and Gretchen's Lock on August 25

Our efforts to find paranormal activity at
Gretchen's Lock and Mr. Floyds began this evening. In this pic we are checking out the Grist Mill. Eerily, we were up at Mr. Floyds before this, and my Non Contact Infrared Thermometer disappeared. I have yet to find it. It was sitting on the back of my car and vanished into thin air. We walked the road, searched the site, checked the cars, our bags, anywhere we could think of. GONE. UGH!

We left Amy here, by herself, while we investigated the Mill. Interestingly there were events that occured at both places at the same time. As we stood inside the Mill doing an EVP, in pitch blackness, there was a loud thump, I thought behind Dave, and he thought behind me. We did pick up this noise on our recorders. On the EVP we heard Amy's name said (Are you by anyone?). When we went to get Amy, she said she experienced a white mist that floated about. She said she watched it float, even against the wind. An unsettled feeling came over her and she got a little afraid, sensing a presence that didn't want her there. Just as she was about to call out for us to come and get her, she heard our car doors shut and knew we were coming.

We stood here having an EVP session, but the bug noise was huge. That is all you can hear on the recorders. Try to do any EVP work at twilight, before the bugs start.

We did capture this interesting pic up at Mr. Floyds. I have no idea what this is. It looks like a floating cross. It must be a bug, like a dragon fly or something, but in the pic, at Mr. Floyds, a known haunted location, it is unsettling.
We will continue our research into these areas, along with others. Got any interesting pics from Mr. Floyds or Gretchen's? Send them to me and I will put them on here with you as the photographer.

We searched for who we call The Crazy Guy. While it could be Mr. Floyd, I think it is someone else. That is what we are focusing on at this site.
If your out and about during the week, look for us up there over the next two months.
CCFHV is very busy the next 5 weekends, so ghost hunting for me is sidelined Friday and Saturday for a while. But it is for a good cause. Someone out there knows something.