Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Working on the Lisbon Tour

Lisbon is turning into something of a challenge. So far, her ghostly secrets are staying well hidden. It seems it will take some digging to get at any stories surrounding this beautiful little city. They are there, but no one wants to talk about them to any degree. Above is Mike, standing in a tunnel of sorts that stretches between two buildings across from the new Chamber of Commerce. To the right is one of the more Gothic buildings in Lisbon- The Masonic Temple. I would love to get a tour of that! Below are some of the other buildings I found of interest and will strive to learn more about.

Here is the old Lisbon Police Station. I would love to get in there! I am sure there is an interesting history to this building and some great adventures as experienced by the policemen who once roamed its halls.

This is what I like to see. I know little about this building so far, though it is somehow connected to the rail road. They are making an effort to preserve it. Way to go Lisbon!!!

This big gun is located right in the town square. The gun's history has to be special to find it's way here. Mike sure liked looking it over.

This is the new Lisbon Chamber of Commerce. While this building might be new for the Chamber, it is a long time resident of Lisbon.

The Ivy Stone Lounge and/or Bad Frogs sits quietly unused. I hear it has a Lady In White that roams its halls.

And let's not forget HISTORY. This building is definitely on the tour because anything connected to Abraham Lincoln is worth a moment of your time.

Then there are those buildings that look like something right out of the old west. Lisbon is full of them. For any one interested in our history, like me, it adds to the pull and charm of Lisbon. This building was erected in 1830.

Perhaps my most favorite, this old house, made completely of cut stone, begs the eye to look. It did me. I want to know more about this stone beauty. Who lived here? When was it built? Was it part of the underground rail road like so many other homes here in Lisbon? I hope there is something about it in Lisbon's history. That would be sweet!

Thankfully, I did not find a lot of these. In fact, only this one so far. Unlike another city in Columbiana County. But let's not go there just now. I am currently in Lisbon and I love what I see. This hotel used to sit beside the Mason building. 1stNC Bank now occupies the site. There is a bench that sits in front of this marker. The bench should be moved.
If you know any ghost stories or any odd, weird, strange, mysterious, scary, heartwarming, historical fact stories about Lisbon, Ohio, please email me.