Friday, September 4, 2009

Looking for General John Morgan

Many stories have been written over the years since Morgans Raiders surrendered in West Point on July 26, 1863. It was the farthest north that any southern raids ever got to. That happened right here in Columbiana County. To me that is pretty significant.

The pics in this story were taken in Gaston's Mill at Beaver Creek State Park. An attorney named Timothy Brooks of East Liverpool managed to get his hands on a few artifacts from that historic event and arranged to have them displayed at the park. Thank you Mr. Brooks for helping to preserve such an important part of this County's history.
This is my best friend, Belinda, standing beside the actual tree that Morgan and his Raiders surrendered under. It is amazing that someone thought to save it. And also greatly appreciated.

I have been working on this story for a couple of weeks and it is coming along well. Finding pieces of this historic event has been a challenge but a lot of fun tracking them down. Tomorrow I am headed to Wellsville to the River Museum to see the actual Sword that was carried by General Morgan. There is an interesting story as to how the Museum got the sword, and I am eager to tell you about it...tomorrow. But the next time you are down at Beaver Creek State Park, where the Pioneer Village is, check out Gaston's Mill (a story to come on it soon, also) and you will find these precious treasures from our truly cool past.

A 3:30am Opossum Rescue Leads To Three Cemeteries To Explore

My husband is a garbage guy. He loves it and the money is more than enough for the two of us. He calls me at 3:30am a few weeks ago and tells me a story. As he was out in Gavers, he witnessed an opossum get hit. He is a very caring person and decided to move the body off the road. As he approached it, he noticed it was moving and stopped for a minute. It was a big opossum and he didn't want to get bit. But as he looked at it he realized it's head was crushed. Then a little head peaked out from underneath the mom. Since he was at work, he couldn't take them with him, so he puts them in a ditch and calls me. The little guy Mike is holding is one of 8.

We ended up taking them to Alchemy Acres in Salem, Ohio. It is a no-kill facility that take all sorts of animals. They assured us that these little guys would be raised and then, ultimately returned to the wild. It was a great experience that I would gladly do again.
As my crew (Jon and Amber) and I headed into the night, we passed three cemeteries that begged to be explored. And a few days later, we did. Look for stories about them coming soon.
Slow down in your life's travels and take a minute to save the little guys. You will be glad you did.