Friday, September 11, 2009

The Dead Man's House

Amy does her thing on this case, which is to get a feel for the place.
Sarah and Tera bravely faced what we thought might have been a scary situation.

This is my crew, including new crew member Dave, working on a case for a private home. I will not be doing a story about that. However, we investigated an old house in connection with the case and I am going to tell you about it. Also pictured here is a guest for the evening. She is a friend of Sarah's named Tera.

I added this picture of Amber because she isn't in the pic above.

Here is what has been referred to as the Dead Man's House. Rumored to be a favorite spot for Ouija Board Adventures and a place where witch craft has been practiced, we went there very curious as to what we would find.

One of the pictures we took was in the basement. There is a moving orb up in the right hand corner, though being in the basement, it could be dust. We took over 5oo pictures here, and strangely, there were only 6 orb pics and two mist pics the whole night. I find this odd because this old house should be full of dust. Yet nearly all of our pics were clear.

Here, Dave and I check out the basement, looking for any signs of a ghostly presence. We did two EVP sessions in the house, but didn't get anything. Personally, without any people here, I don't see why it would be. Ghosts like to be around the living. This was too isolated. The question was discussed about Ouija Boards being used here and that it might have opened some kind of door to some other world, but if it did, it wasn't open when we were there. And nothing stayed behind.

This house was certainly at one time beautiful. There are two archways in the basement like this. There are also three chimneys.

Holes in the floor and half the house collapsing in on itself, made for an unsafe area to begin with, but we did investigate it as much as possible. There just wasn't any thing there. It was fun and added to our experience as a team. But officially declared NOT HAUNTED by Ghosting 12 Paranormal. At least, not any more.