Friday, September 18, 2009

Once Upon A Time Impossible

This picture was taken by Dave during the last full moon. He has a good, no great camera. Have you ever wondered what people thought of the moon in generations past? People laughed when it was proposed that man might walk on the moon. Then they actually did. Of course, there are those skeptics who believe that the whole thing was faked. If everyone thought as a skeptic does, our feet would still be stuck to this planet alone forever. I believe we have been to the moon and will go beyond. But then, I believe in ghosts, too. I believe this existence has endless possibilities.
I can remember when I was a teenager, I wrote a book. A whole book. I did at one time want to be a writer, though I later learned I didn't have the patience for it. It's the detail I can't get right. Any way, I wrote this book about two kids who came from the planet Pluto. And I remember thinking how there was nothing but blackness beyond Pluto. We didn't know what was out there, and I honestly thought we wouldn't even in my life time. Then they made the Hubble Telescope, pictured above. It was launched in 1990 and is a satellite that orbits earth. Every 97 minutes, Hubble completes an orbit around the planet moving at speeds of 5 miles per second. It could travel across the United States in about 10 minutes. Wow!

Without it we would not have images like this.

Images like this stun the imagination like no other. Hubble is one of NASA's most successful missions. Beaming thousands of images back to Earth, we now have a better idea of what is out there. We also know about the existence of quasars, dark energy, and we have been able to pin a more precise age on the solar system than we had before.

If you would like more information on these or other pictures from Hubble, please check out this link:
Please keep in mind that the scenes here were not even imagined 100 years ago. Nor was walking on the moon. Something is out there in the stars that we are better understanding every day. The same is true with the Paranormal. Ghosts are,at this time unexplained, though we know something is there. (Except for skeptics who think we are it. I am so sad for you!) Maybe 100 years from now we will look back and laugh at our own ignorance, having discovered there really is something out there on the inside too.

One Tour Ready To Go. The Other Is Still Shaping Up.

Dave, Sarah, Mike(who took this picture) and I finally made the finishing touches to our YMCA ghost walk tonight. We are quite familiar with the trails down in this area now.
Amy stayed at the flag poles and waited patiently for us to return from our mission. I am happy to say this particular tour is finished completely as of tonight. I think anyone who goes on it will have a great time.

There are several places that are worth a picture, like this boulder that sits on the trail we will be walking on.

Mike and Dave pose for a picture on a big rock. We went to the lowest point of the trail we are walking on to do some EVP work. There is one spot on the trail that has some activity on it. But not where we went tonight. We were more reminded of the lair of Bigfoot than ghosts.

Traveling on the trails along the Back Nine has been a lot of fun this week. This is Sarah and I two nights ago. Dave took this picture. There are two hills we have to walk up, but the scenery is well worth it.

This rock has what looks like a tool mark embedded in it. As it turns out, that is what it is. We are still looking into why there was so much cut stone taken from this area. Did they use it to make the stone pillars that mark the front gate? Or maybe the wall beside the tennis courts? Is that why there is a mean and nasty ghost that spends his time there?

You can see this rock has been split into three pieces. I don't know why it wasn't used. There are other rocks split like this in the same area. This is part of the tour.
Now if the Lisbon Tour will just come together like this one did, I can relax. Not happening however. Lisbon seems to be guarding her secrets well. But I still have a week and a half to look. Plus, CCFHV will be at the Johnny Appleseed Festival Saturday and Sunday. Maybe we will find something out there. I sure hope so. We have about 9 stories for the walk so far. I hope there are more. If you know of any, please let me know. Come and say Hi at the Johnny Appleseed Festival too! Hope to see you there!