Monday, September 21, 2009

October 9- A Walk In The Woods At Thompson Park

On Wednesday, September 23, we are having a walk for the YMCA for their American On The Move Week at Thompson Park. We explored all the trails on the Back Nine over the past couple of weeks and have come up with a great tour. Dave mapped out the trail on the Thompson Park Map (pictured above) that we will be taking. It is in black.

If there is any one who isn't involved with the YMCA that would like to go on the walk, we will have a rerun on October 9 (unless there is a schedule conflict, though so far there is not.) at 6:30 pm. This is a Friday night. Hopefully we will have some Fall colors going on by then and it should make for a beautiful walk.

There are two bridges like this one on the tour. There are also bridges made from trees and logs you will see. The trail is some what rugged in spots but mostly quite easy to walk. There are a couple of hills to walk up, but nothing to severe. You will get a good work out if you decide to come.

There are some fabulous photo ops along the trail too, so don't forget your camera! Or a flash light. The woods get very dark even before it gets dark so a light is necessary.

There are really impressive rock formations to see and some spooky parts of the trail that get pitch black once it gets dark. We have only been able to find one area that has some potential for ghosts, which we will try to explore a little along the way. The Pool House and the Big Rock are also on the tour and are haunted. The Pool House has a ghost that says (on an EVP) "I like to watch them." The Big Rock somehow has a connection to the Blue Lady. There have been many sightings of her down in that area. While there are several stories concerning her origins with the pool, others believe it is a woman who has somehow lost her children and she searches for them every night.
The date could change for the October 9 walk, and if so, it will be before the end of this week. Any questions? Email me.
My team and I are trying to work in some other tours for the Halloween season. A possible Gretchen's Lock Walk is in the works. Possibly for October 17, but that is not for sure yet. The only walk that costs anything is the Lisbon Ghost Tour. That is a Charity Event that Benefits Columbiana County Families Of Homicide Victims to help them get their 501 C 3 (non profit status). Everything else we do is free to the public. If you would like any info on any of the walks, email me.