Saturday, September 26, 2009

An Eventful Day

Interesting day. First and foremost, we got our new shirts. I am sad to say they are not printed right. But since I really need them for Sunday's Lisbon Ghost Walk, I have no choice but to use them. So while it says Ghost 12 Paranormal, it should say Ghosting 12 Paranormal. But the picture on them is the best!!!!
I then got a phone call from Theresa and Patty and made arraignments to get my lost recorder back. It was in the back of their car. Yes! Sigh of relief. I went out on Church Hill Road to retrieve my most important piece of equipment, and discovered to my joy, this little cemetery. As usual, I could not resist doing a little exploring. It is old and a trip to the library is in order to find out more about it. But the disturbing thing is, many of the stones were missing or broken and we found them lying in the woods in a pile. About four piles in fact. I am hoping there is a list of who is where written somewhere. From there I might be able to find either a group who will try to restore it or learn to do it myself. Never thought to go in that direction, but anything is possible.
Continued working on the ghost walk and learned even more interesting things about Lisbon. There is a mansion on the tour that was owned by a man who died in the Civil War in the Sultana Disaster. Before today I had never heard of that maritime wreck. I am doing a story on it for next week.
I also learned about the Fighting McCook Family. My first thought was feuding, like the Hatfields and McCoys, but I was wrong.
I think the Lisbon Historical Society guards the history of Lisbon too well. Perhaps it is because they don't know me. Or maybe they didn't like that I am doing a haunted tour. Whatever the reason, they would not help me. No stories. No legends. Nothing ever happened in Lisbon, or so they told me. I asked what was the most interesting historical fact about Lisbon and I was told "When Lewis Kinney went to Stubenville and filed the plans for Lisbon. " While that was a truly historic event, it was not what I had in mind. It took some extra hard work, but I did find everything I needed at the Lepper Library. Imagine that. Combined with some wonderful people like Stevie and Chris and Debbie, this will be a pretty cool tour. I hope I see you there.