Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Ghost Of a Twin Named Cathy

The picture of the metal object is that of a boot scraper. It is on the front stoop of the house pictured here.
One of the most interesting stories about Lisbon was the one of a little girl named Cathy. According to a psychic that the family ultimately consulted, she was around 12 years old and a twin. Perhaps at one time she lived in this home. At least this is the home she haunted. Owned by a very nice couple name Chris and Debbie, they graciously told me their story. For them, Cathy was a member of their family. As she told me about their home and the many disturbances they had experienced in more than ten years, it was immediately apparent that their little spirit meant them no harm. She hid the children's homework. She "borrowed" Debbie's make up and created works of art at the top of their 15 foot tall ceilings. She created some havoc, but she also did other things. Once, Chris lost a check that was payment from a client. He had decided to call the client the following day and tell them to cancel the check and make another one. The next morning, sitting on the Kitchen Counter under his car keys, was the check, slightly muddy, but back in his possession just the same. Did Cathy go out and look for the check, find it, and leave it where Chris could find it? Debbie believes this with all her heart. Perhaps my most favorite story Debbie told me was the time they went on vacation to a friends house and discovered that Cathy had gone with them. They were only at their friends house for 20 minutes when it was discovered that someone had taken a green crayon and written on the wall, a lot. They also discovered green crayon written all over the dryer in the laundry room. When Debbie asked if they even had any crayons since the couple had no children, she was told they did. When they got the box of crayons, the green one was worn way, way down. Later, during dinner, the table they sat at had little drawers on the sides, and these drawers kept opening by themselves. Ultimately, this proved to be too much for the hosting couple and the Shiver family left. As they drove down the road, Debbie reached over and turned off the car radio. It turned right back on all by itself. She laughed as she said "At least I knew then that Cathy had come with us."
Today, her children are grown with families of their own. It has been a long time since they have heard from Cathy. Debbie believes that when her own father passed away, he came to the house and took Cathy with him. She thinks her dad helped Cathy to cross over.
Another interesting thing she mentioned was finding old coins in the walls of their home when they first bought it. Often old silver coins were put in the walls or floors when a house blessing was performed to help banish unwanted or evil spirits in a home. It was interesting to note that Cathy was haunting this house in full force when the Shivers moved in. Does that mean that if a blessing was done on the home it didn't work? Perhaps the ghost of this little girl had been there for a very long time, haunting other families and the coins were an attempt to get rid of her. Perhaps she was just being courteous then to families past. Maybe it just took this one unique and amazing family to give her the one thing she needed to move on. Love.