Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ghosting 12 Paranormal New Web Site

Our ghost hunting group has a new web site. It is still being worked on but you can check it out now. Dave has worked hard putting it together and he as done an amazing job. As soon as I get my barrings on it, more pics will be down loaded. You will be able to view each individual place we have visited in Columbiana County as well as check out the special places we go. For example, our Ghost Hunting Cheerleader Sammi is headed to Pittsburgh this weekend to meet TAPS and promises to take lots of pictures!!! They will be posted on the new site as soon as we get them!!!
Later this month, Dave is headed to a haunted Library in Indiana. He will also be sharing his adventure on our new site!
Let me know what you think! My blog will still be used also. But our new website will be just about Ghosting 12 Paranormal and all the things we get into. It will list local cemetery information, and anything we dig up on other public areas in Columbiana County and the surrounding area.