Friday, October 2, 2009

Schools Long Gone In Columbiana County

We have an investigation coming up next week and in my research of the sight, I found this new website. Old Schools in Columbiana County. Yes, I found the research material I needed plus some extra info too. This picture is of Rogers Ohio High School. Rogers High School? When was there a high school in Rogers Ohio? They are not even sure of the location of this school. Does anyone out there know where it might have been?

Then, check out this beauty! This was once the High School in Salem, Ohio. WoW!!!! Built in 1896, it was finally torn down in 1974. Torn down. UGH!

And here is the Lisbon High School, which I had on the Lisbon Ghost Walk tour. Remember, the letters C D (Civil Defense). This building has long been torn down. On the property now is the Board of Education Offices. But, once upon a time... Perhaps you live where a school once stood. Or even in a building that was once a school. I know where there is one on Grimms Bridge Road. It is now a private residence. They do not report any kind of a haunting problem, at least not in that home. Here is the website: