Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Haunted Carriage at Beaver Creek State Park

Sarah, Amy, and I worked at Harvest Days the last couple of days for the CCFHV. I truly enjoy this outing every year. There is always something interesting set up there that ties so nicely into the history of Columbiana County. I got a few stories out of it for my blog, and one of them is about a carriage. Amy and Sarah went for a walk to see what was being offered at the other set ups. They entered the barn and Amy said she felt the presence of something unseen.
Amy said as soon as she entered the barn she felt a tingling sensation and was instantly drawn to a dusty old carriage setting in a dark corner. To her surprise, she says there are two ladies that seem to be present around it. One is 25 years older than the other. She doesn't know why they are there but it does seem to be the carriage they are attached to.
Harvest Days went from 10am to 5pm, so after 5, we asked Dennis, a very nice man who works there, if we could have a few minutes to check the carriage out. He said yes, if he could come too. So in we went. We took several pictures and did two EVP sessions. In the first one the spirits within seemed upset and very clearly state "I want them out." I do not know if she was talking about us or the vendors set up in the barn. In the second one, one of them clearly says "OH NO!" shortly after I set the recorder in on the buggy seat. Very obviously someone is there. I hope to find out whatever history I can about the carriage and see if there is some reason two women seem to have such an attachment to it. It could be the barn and the carriage is the closest thing to something familiar in there, but that is only one possible theory. They definitely did not seem to like all the people going inside. Dennis said that when Blanche lived in the old Williams house, she did not like all the people around her home and tried to chase them away. Could one of the ladies in the barn be Blanche? Further investigation is needed in the area to make any kind of determination. Won't that be fun!

Alice Ann Burgess Whitehill-In Tune With Spirits

CCFHV is set up right beside a local author named Alice Whitehill. She wrote a great little book that I use as reference material for the area. She tells her story in the book, but basically, she determined that when she plays her dulcimer, a musical instrument, it attracts ghosts from the past to her. You can often find her at her second home in Gettysburg PA. She told me she goes there nearly every weekend.
She talks of writing two more books at some point in her future. Of course, finding the time to do so has proven to be difficult. She also does a lot of volunteer work and has a job as well.
You can find her at Harvest Days on Sunday Oct 4 from 10 am to 5pm. She is set up near the barn. Her book, In Tune With Spirits, is on sale there for $5. It is a very good read, with excellent stories about Columbiana County and the surrounding area. There are a couple Gretchen's Lock stories well worth your time. Sleep well.