Saturday, October 10, 2009


Gretchen's Lock is hauntingly beautiful. Known ghosts there include Gretchen herself, Esther Hale, and Jake the Night Watchman. I have talked to others also named Tommy, Sarah, Hannah, and John. I have often wondered why they haunt the area. There was nothing there for years. You could say it was the town of Sprucevale that holds them, but the town ceased to exist in the 1850's. Why did they linger on
in this area?
Our work continues at the top of the hill where Mr. Floyd lost his life. We have a night planned in the area later this month. Our last visit netted way more than we originally thought and I am eager to continue our investigation of this area. As the date of Mr. Floyd's death gets near, his spirit is said to become more and more insane. My team and I hope to find out if that is true. But there is a twist.

What you are looking for in the pictures is the strange anomaly beside the car. It looks like the top half of some one standing at the front door. It seems to be reaching either for the car or for my mom. Very definitely something is there. Is it of a paranormal nature? I honestly don't know. I firmly believe that area is very haunted, and not just by Mr. Floyd. A gun battle occurred on this spot in 1934 as well as a horrible act of violence in the form of a suicide in around 2003. What might these events have attracted to this area? Does it affect the Gretchen's Lock area? One of the stories that seems, of it's own accord, to be associated with Gretchen's is a massacre of a Native American Village around 1797. Their bodies were hung in the trees as a warning to other tribes in the area not to come here. If that is so, is that why this area is so haunted? Is it cursed? Or did the evil that occur here attract things far more sinister than we can imagine? What is that standing by the car? Honestly, it could be nothing. Earlier I put a picture on here that Sarah had taken that same night of what looks like a ghost of a woman kissing Jon. And once upon a time, in 2006, I took a picture with a disposable 35mm camera and got still another possible apparition, published below. My team and I seek the reason for the haunting in this area. Who are they? Why are they still here? The hunt is on.