Monday, October 12, 2009

A Ghostly Cemetery On the Ski Slope.

I love cemeteries. They have so much history in them. They
are the last words a person leaves behind sometimes. It is what their family thought of them in life. It is sometimes what they accomplished, like being a veteran in one of America's battles for freedom. Yes, it is sadness and loss, but it is also hope and love.
This little cemetery is one I have yet to discover the name of. It is in Salem township and is very old. I am in the older section, though there is a slightly newer part a little back from this. There are many interesting things about this particular cemetery that I am eager to learn about. It is set up like a chess set. Four rows are facing we'll say South and four rows are facing North. When I realized it, the first thing I thought was a chess set. There are also clumps of graves together that face one direction, and about 20 feet from them is another set of graves facing a completely different direction. I don't see any sign of a fence, like a family plot might have. It is like there is no organization to it at all. The family just walked in and picked a spot and that is where they put their loved one. I sense an interesting tale here and can't wait to hit the library to find out more. If you know anything about it please let me know.