Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gretchen's Lock Tour Is Still On, Despite The Threat Of SNOW!

I love this place. It is never short of great pics or paranormal experiences. Saturday's tour will include Gretchen's actual Lock, the abandoned equipment, the site of the old house, barn, wool factory, and the porch(which you will have to come to the walk to find out about). If conditions allow, after the walk is over, Ghosting 12 Paranormal issues a challenge to any one who would like to try just 5 minutes completely alone in the grist mill. I have done it once and it was the longest 5 minutes of my life. There were five successful tries last year at this time. See if you can make it too.
The tour starts at 6pm and will last at least 2 hours. Serious ghost hunting with EVP sessions are possible all through the tour. Hope to see you there!!

The Ghost InThe Pool House At Thompson Park

The pictures below are taken from the lives of Charlie and Verna Baker. As you can see by their faces, it was a happy one.

One of the saddest stories about Thompson Park is that of Charlie and Verna Baker. They bought a little house near the park in 1923. This little house is where they would spend
the rest of their lives. It is also the little house that my friend Amy now lives in. Charlie and Verna had great happiness and tragedy in their lives. But always there was the love they had for each other

that got them through it all. Charlie had a little store, pictured above,
Charlie and Verna
right across from the pool area. This was before the pool had it's own snack area. A little house sits in that spot now. But then, Charlie and Verna worked there, and Charlie was also the superintendent of Thompson Park as well. They cared about their family and about each other. They endured the death of a son, whose funeral was held in their home. Donald was only 16, when in 1933, he died of appendicitis. Then in 1949, they dealt with the suicide of their son-in-law, Bernard Fitch, in the blue and white house beside their little store. But the most crushing blow for Charlie came in 1956 when his beloved wife Verna was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It is uncertain why he took his next action for he left no note. Gathering an old rope from his garage, he walked over to the pool house for Thompson Park (pictured above at night) and entered the basement. There in the dark shadows, below the boys changing room, he took his own life, by hanging himself. His family speculates that he could not bare to watch the love of his life die such a slow and horrible death as he feared she would from cancer. Verna lived just 1 and a half years after Charlies death. He loved his family, his home, his life, but mostly his beloved Verna.
Does his ghost haunt the park today? We did an EVP inside the pool area back in January and got a really good one. Some one said "I like to watch them". I like to think that Charlie Baker watches out for the Children that swim in the pool, keeping them safe from harm. I hear there are stories of a haunting there, though so far I haven't talked to anyone who has personally experienced anything.
We are looking for ghost stories about the Thompson Park Pool House.