Friday, October 16, 2009

Each Member Of Ghosting 12 Did 5 Minutes Alone Tonight

I issued a challenge for Oct 17 for any one who wants to try to spend just 5 minutes alone in the Grist Mill. However, I couldn't hardly ask some one else to do it when half my team never did. So tonight found Ghosting 12 down at Gretchen's testing our members. Dave did it last night for a lot longer than 5 minutes, and Amy and Sarah couldn't come, but the rest of us were there, along with Billi, Sammi's little sister. Here, Amber is ready to tough it out.

A strange mist lurks behind me on the wall. It looks like a spectre of some sort. We didn't see this until we came home and I uploaded the pics. And each of us were alone with this possible ghost.

We had an EVP session first in which we got a clear sentence that said "I am coming." That is not the first time I have gotten a sentence like that inside the Grist Mill.

A red orb lingers near Sammi. That corner is a suspected hot spot as far as my crew's adventures in there are concerned. It is my belief that a red orb may be a sign of anger from the spirits around you.

Here stands Sammi ready to do her 5 minutes. She went for over three minutes with no light on. Brave Sammi. That is very hard to do in the pitch blackness that inhabits the inside of the Grist Mill at night.

Jon stands ready to do his time, hoping to see or hear something. Little did he know he took the best pic of the evening earlier. Still, tapping sounds, and dark shadows darting about the inside of the building made for an unnerving 5 minutes.
A flashlight makes it easier, but it doesn't change the fact that the Grist Mill is a scary place. For me, I can't shake the feeling that some one is standing right behind me the entire time I am in the building.
The Ghost Walk begins at 6pm. I do not know how long it will last. I will say a minimum of 2 hours. And it will go on even if it is raining. Of course, if it is pouring, that is another story. Hope to see you there.

Dave Went to the Grist Mill Alone Tonight

Dave got off work and headed down to the Grist Mill tonight. He does that a lot. Any way, this is the picture he took. And yes he was alone. This is what you might have to deal with in the Grist Mill during your 5 minutes alone with only a walkie and a flashlight. Just thought you'd like to know that. See you on Saturday!