Monday, October 19, 2009


One of the things that I noticed as I went through the over 500 pics we took Saturday night was that our camera was on the wrong setting sometimes.

This can make for an interesting picture, but it is not of any paranormal nature. It is not a persons energy or anything. It just means you probably had your camera set on night scene.

The long squiggly lights will happen every time. Another thing we ran into is a lot of mist pictures. It was very cold and many of the pictures were nothing more than our own breath hanging in the air. There was no wind, so your steamy breath can hang in the air for several minutes, making it easily caught on camera. I do examine these pictures closely and even keep them for awhile. Sometimes a spirit can try to communicate with you by putting images in the mist. Not to be confused with a phenomenon called MATRIXING where your mind tries to make sense of what it is seeing and can see images like in the clouds. You can see pictures or even writing in some pictures. That sounds like another story. Let me do some research.

Thanks again to every one who came Saturday night. That was my last tour at Gretchen's for the year.
This Saturday is Sturgis Funeral Home and Spread Eagle Tavern. Both are NOT given by me and I am very excited to get to go on them. On October 30, my crew and I are on an all night investigation of the old Fairview Schools in Wellsville. Be still my heart!!!