Saturday, October 24, 2009


My fearless crew member, Dave often ventures to haunted places on his own. He will sit in the Grist Mill for example, for long periods of time, hoping for something to happen. Something ghostly. While he does this, he takes a lot of pictures. This is called a ghost watch. You really should attempt this with more than one person as ghost hunting alone is a No-No. A Newbee ghost hunter to the area, Jeff, sent me an email because he was worried when he and his wife encountered two young ladies ghost hunting alone in a remote location. You see, it isn't the dead you have to worry about in this situation. Ghosts won't hurt you. It is the living that will get you. Girls, I am not saying you are helpless, but make your ghost hunting a lot more fun by grabbing a couple guy friends to tag along with you or a few more girls. Two girls alone are an easy target.

But, back to my subject. The pics above were both taken the same night. When you take a lot of pictures, you can track an orb, if that is what you are dealing with. The blue orb in the pics first appears in the Mill, and then when he was leaving, he caught it again. Is it the same orb? I honest don't know. There are many factors involved. When a spirit chooses to appear in form of an orb, is it always the same? For that matter, is that some thing a spirit does anyway? Do they come in different colors? Can they follow you? Since many people dismiss orbs as dust, there are a lot of unanswered questions. When you are out there, try manipulating orbs in a picture to see if you can get them to go in a specific place.

The other picture is of me. I was at Gretchen's and asked for any spirits to get into the picture. That is the pic I got. There are others, but that is the best.

Like in the pics here, encountering the same color of orb in a different location may enable you to track the orb. Is there something to this orb? Is it dust? Or is it a spirit that followed Dave from one place to another? Because orbs are so controversial, more study is needed to determine the answers to these questions. Never assume anything in the paranormal world.
Oh, and never talk on the phone and write an article for your blog at the same time. UGH! Sorry for the mess!