Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Spread Eagle Tavern Ghost Walk- The Midnight Autopsies.

My second favorite story was the one about the Doctor who lived in this house. It was the mid 1800's and the doctor that lived here was working to understand the way the human body worked.
However, at that time, doing something like an autopsy where the human body was examined after death was illegal. However, there were ways around it. For this doctor, it was simple.

He would sneak out after midnight and go to the near by Hanoverton Cemetery. There he would dig up fresh bodies and bring them back to his home to autopsy them.

He would put a ladder to the second floor upper most left window and with the body in a fireman's carry, ascend to the second story of his home. There he would autopsy the body and work on it all night. When he was done he would bundle the body up and before dawn, carry the body back and rebury it.
And perhaps the most creepy part about it was when we on the tour were told that the autopsy table the Doctor used was still in use today somewhere in the town of Hanoverton.
The house is currently unoccupied and being renovated. Imagine such an eerie and mysterious story coming from a little town like Hanoverton. I was impressed.