Monday, November 2, 2009

Examining Evidence-Cheri's picture

I have spent some time examining this picture sent in by Cheri. On the floor it looks like a splash of electricity. I have not yet determined what it is caused from. If you click on the picture it will enlarge it. Please note that there is a reflection in the TV and the splash of whatever that is in not reflected in the anywhere on the screen. The can is, the flash from the camera, even the flashlight beam is there. But not that other thing. It was not anything on the floor that could be seen by the eye. That part of the room also set off a K2 meter and we got some great EVP. There was also tapping on the window or wall in that corner that followed our instructions. Tap once for yes and twice for no. The hair on every ones neck stood up during that session. Have a look at the picture more closely. I could sure use some fresh eyes. It was already suggested that it might be a reflection on the pop can, but if it is, wouldn't it be in the reflection on the TV? Let me know your thoughts.