Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fredericktown-The Way It Still Is Today

Fredericktown has turned into several stories. I started last year looking into the area, though not as in depth as now. I got my hands on a book called THE ENCHANTED VILLAGE-The history of Fredericktown, Ohio by Regis Scharf and Gary Winterburn. Debbie Shivers loaned this book to me and I am scrambling to finish it so I can give it back to her.

The book give stories about many of the people who started, lived, built and loved in Fredericktown. It was just great to read the stories and then go to the area where these events occurred.

These pictures are just some of what this area has to offer.

Many of the homes here are original. All of them have a story to tell.

The next few weeks you will read some of what I have been able to discover about this area. I am in the process of trying to get the written permission necessary to venture into some of these areas. Remember that getting permission from the owners is one of the most important things in Ghost Hunting, thought this trip is not for ghost hunting. It is all about the great history that is hiding in Colombiana County.

Still, written permission is required before you can go nearly anywhere in this little town. I knew you had to have it to walk back to the tubs area, but not the other sections. There are NO PARKING signs everywhere and the citizens of the area keep a watchful eye on you, which is why the area is so beautiful. They take care of it. I had thought to organize a tour here but I don't know that I can get permission for something like that. I will let you know.