Friday, November 6, 2009

Are These For Real?

The picture of the Rottweiler is my dog Neecha. She is sitting on my husband's lap because she thinks she fits there. She weighs about 100 lbs. Our vet is upset at us because she feels Neecha is over weight. Personally, she just wouldn't look right any other way.

But these other pics I got in an email yesterday. Are any of these gigantic K9's for real?

I honestly don't know. Could you honestly walk a dog that size like the one in the picture above? What would that guy do if his pet saw a rabbit? I think he'd have to jump on the horse to catch his dog.

They look real in some pics, but others look doctored. I don't know.
I have seen a Great Dane as large as a small pony once up at the old Salem Humane Society. The owner kept the dog with her in the office. I thought it was stuffed until it moved its head. Whoa!

Have you ever seen a dog this large? Would they even be considered dogs or some genetically altered creature? I know there are large breeds out there, like the Russian Wolf Hound, but come on now. These guys? Let me know what you think.