Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ghost Walk at Thompson Park Tonight At 7pm!!

We are just going around the circle tonight, which I haven't done since July, so bring your gear and come to the park tonight. I am sure the ghosts there have missed us.

Pictures from Dave of Fairview

Pictures of Fairview from Dave's eye. He was with another group and these are the images he captured. Except for the one of Dave taking a picture, which was taken by Cheri.

I will not soon forget this night. It was full of adventure and mystery. But mostly fun. Every one there had a great time and all left with the belief that the Fairview school was haunted.

Many thanks goes to Nick and Mindy for allowing us to come there. Also to everyone who came and made it such a great evening. We have sifted through the over 1000 pics we took and are now starting on all the EVP. That will take some time. But a future story is on the way with news of what we find.

As you can see by these pics, there were a lot of EVP sessions. We had 4 teams that night and everyone covered all 4 sections.

From 11pm to 5am we worked the buildings. They skipped and played and wrote foul language on the board. Question after question was asked to not just the principle but the cooks, the janitor and the teacher with the high heels.

Every one there took the whole investigation very seriously and that is why I think we did so well. No one joked around all night. We had nothing but serious ghost hunters there and that makes all the difference.

I know my group got some great EVP and I am eager to find out what every one else got.