Friday, November 13, 2009

Gretchen's Lock And The Old House

I have been loading my new computer with pics from my old computer. I discovered I have a lot pictures. I feel lucky to have so many of the old house at Gretchen's. I miss it. It added extra mystery to the area. The center window on the second floor was covered with plywood, but the face of a boy would sometimes appear in a pic, like the one above.

There was an old well right beside the front porch that was covered with a big rock. I stuck my camera in one day and took the well picture. When they tore down the house, a lot of it was put in the well and covered up, forever.

The hole in the window and side of the house has a lot of rumors to it about how it happened. Vandals are my guess, but some one also said the park service put the hole in the side of the building to see how strong it was.(though that sounds like a really stupid thing to do so I doubt it). It was one of the deciding factors of whether to restore it or not. One look inside the hole and you noticed the floor collapsed. Bummer. I would like to have gone in once.

The only thing remaining of it is that big slab of cement. It was part of the cooling system they had in the basement. Or so I am told. They apparently used running water through the basement to keep things cool. Another story I heard concerned a former owner in years gone by that used to catch fish in the creek and sell it on the big porch that once graced the house.
Either way, the house is greatly missed by any one who had the chance to experience it's awesome presence in the park. We can only guess what secrets were taken with it.