Sunday, November 15, 2009


One of the most interesting cemeteries in Columbiana County is the Lisbon Cemetery. There are so many stories told by the stones there. If you have any
knowledge of Lisbon's history, you would recognize several of the
names inscribed along the rows.

There are signs that indicate the

presence of the Masons. The grave site of George McCook, father of the Fighting McCooks (Dan and John) is located where the table top grave stones are in the picture above.

I went for only an hour and ended up staying nearly three. The cemetery is large, but I spent my time mainly in Section 2, the oldest part.

Many of the stones are so weathered you can't read the names inscribed on them.

And there is this beautiful old willow tree that looks like exactly the kind of tree you would find in a spooky old grave yard. I loved it.

There were a lot of broken stones. This part of the cemetery was a little creepy. By the time I reached this part I was sad and kept getting the strong feeling to leave. Mike and I did in fact leave for a while to other parts, looking for Euastice Eells. Didn't find it. That is for another investigation. If cemeteries are some place you enjoy to take a walk through, then Lisbon Cemetery is one you will want to visit.