Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Plans for next year

I am working on things we want to do next year. One of them is to go to Moundsville Prison for the night. It is $500 for your group from about 11pm to 6 am. If we can get at least 25 people to go, that is $25 a person. Very doable. This place is more than large enough to accommodate 25 of us hunting ghosts all night. Let me know if you are interested. I will say early summer for this event, though nothing is in stone yet. I will point out that 5o people going would only be $10 per person and the place is still plenty big enough! Email me!

Cheri Sent In Some Pics From Kings Creek Cemetery

This is a picture I took at Gretchen's Lock of Jake's Lock in 2007. There is a big splash of purple on the right side that is caused by the sunny day and the glare from the snow. The sun can cause a lot of anomalies in your pics.
This is Bowman's in early 2008. Here you see a wide spectrum of color. Makes for a beautiful picture.

These two pics were sent in by Cheri. She knows the green orb in the right is from the sun. What she questions is the purple spot in the center. (click on the pics to make them larger to see better.)Is this also generated by the sun? She changes her position slightly so the spot seems to move, but I don't think so. Is this a sun spot? My interest is peaked and we plan to go out there for an investigation soon. Hopefully Cheri can go with us and we can track down the reason for the purple spot.
Thank you Cheri for sending in the pictures. Cheri is also Dave's daughter. She went with us to the Fairview School Investigation. She is very interested in the paranormal and has taken some great pics. I look forward to working with her more in the future.