Monday, November 23, 2009

Moundsville Update Part 2

The plot thickens in the Moundsville Prison Tour adventure. It would seem there is Night Tours of the institution, which is what I described, and then Ghost Hunts, which is more like what I thought it was, except the price. Hmm. So, if we want to have from 8pm to 6am to hunt ghosts, it is $60 a person. It does include the 90 minute tour, but that still gives several hours to look for ghosts in every nook and cranny. You also get pizza and drinks. The night tour is from 12am to 6am and costs $600 for up to 20 people. No refreshments unless you bring your own and you only get about 4 hours to poke around a little. I am so glad I started planning this now. I honestly didn't know they had the different packages. We will be doing one of the two of these. Here is a better description:

Package A: A Night Tour that costs $600 for up to 20 people. This breaks down to $30 per person. It starts at 12am and ends at 6am. After a 90 minute tour, you have the rest of the night to explore the prison. You have to bring your own food and drink.

Package B: A Ghost Hunt that costs a flat rate of $60 per person. You check in at 8pm, and stay until 6am. This includes Pizza and drinks. There is also a 90 minute tour but then you have the rest of the night to check the place out.

I need to know every one's interest by January because that is when you can start booking your time. If we want a good time, that is when I am doing it. I am going for May or June. Email me!
Oh, and whoever Anonymous is, once again, THANK YOU!!!