Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thompson Park-Our Last Tour For 2009

Frigidly cold adequately describes the temperature at tonight's ghost tour of Thompson Park. EVP was good because there are no longer any bug noises to deal with. But the cold is not exactly a good trade off. Sammi, in the red, is being dropped off by her mom after the East Liverpool Christmas Parade. That is my Ghost Hunting Cheerleader!

Above is Will, Jamie, Nettie, and Amy Hissom, Thompson Park Entertainment Coordinator and Web Site Designer. It was her idea for me to start the Ghost Walks at Thompson. Best piece if advice I ever accepted. Seven people braved the cold besides my crew.

In Pavilion #1 we stood in the little room off to the front and did an EVP. During the session, there was, first a tap and then a loud slam on the picnic tables. Then we got this really great picture of what may be an apparition of a young girl above us, to the right. She did talk to us tonight to let us know it was not her who made the loud bang sound. We are not sure what her name is, though she has said she is 7 years old. Who she is and why she would haunt the park is a mystery, but Amy and I are determined to track down some of the park history in the coming year. There just isn't much that was kept. This picture is not as good as the pic we got in June, but it isn't bad either. If you are a ghost hunter and want to investigate a new place, check out Thompson Park. Just go around the circle and see what you can find. Something is there, of that I am certain.