Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My favorite Investigation of the year is:

The Family Repeat in East Liverpool.

Please follow this link for the YouTube video about it. I chose the music for it because it was so much fun!

Paranormal Activity-No, That's Not How It Is!

I watched Paranormal Activity last night. Thankfully I was not alone. It was very scary, to be sure. But not how it really is. Movies and TV take things to the extreme. In this movie it was maximum overload!

Yes, ghosts can turn lights on and off and make them flicker. Yes they can open and close doors and cupboards. Yes, they mess with the TV from time to time. Electricity and water are easy for ghosts to manipulate, in theory. Footsteps are also common and often residual in nature. Having your hair touched or tugged is common also. But not usually all of this in the same place. TAPS would love finding a house like this! I can see Grant sticking his head up in the attic (as he has before! So has Jason.) though I have no clue what they would do if one of them got dragged down the hall by unseen hands.
I have never heard of someone getting dragged from their bed and down the hall. It made me think of the movie "Poltergeist", when the ghost hunter talked about a match box car rolling across the floor and he got the whole event on film. The whole event takes like 7 hours he says. That is more like how it is. They seem to like to do things that you don't notice right away or even at all. I like to use the example on an episode of Paranormal State, where they were filming in a bathroom and you see the a glass on the left and handsoap on the right. When the camera pans back to the sink a few seconds later, the glass is on the right and soap on the left. No one noticed until later. That is often how ghosts work.
Once she got dragged out of the bedroom, it wasn't as scary for me. I know things like that do not happen. It was a great movie and very exciting, but not real. Not factual. Not possible.
As usual, this is only my opinion. What is yours?