Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stories of The Crooks Building

The Crooks Furniture Store in East Liverpool, Ohio has been there for over 100 years.Established in 1880, the actual store is out of business, but the building remains, from what I understand, in very good shape. One of the stories I heard was about a man who committed suicide by hanging himself on the fourth floor in the 20's or 30's.   His family had deserted him and he saw no way out but to end it all. Tothis  day it is rumored that, Despite many efforts, clearing the building of ALL furniture has been impossible. 
Recently, I was emailed another story.  Around 1900, there was a man named Mr. Hahn who was the night watchman for the building.  He was also a handyman as well.  Very friendly and concerned about the people involved with his building, he may haunt it to this day. 

Working late one night, the person who emailed me said they happened to look up and there stood a man with a beard, in work clothes dating around 1920 or 30.  He just smiled, nodded his head and vanished. This person said that they never noticed any activity  until after midnight and before sunrise in that building. That's the catch. And you have to be quiet, non obtrusive.
It is one of the long standing buildings in East Liverpool, the Crooks name still plain and visible painted on the side.  It is a fine representaiton of the old East Liverpool from once upon a time when it was the pottery capital of the world. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

An Invitation To Manor Lane

This is a house on Manor Lane.  We were invited to an investigation here on Sunday night.  It turned out to be one of the best investigations I have ever been on.
There were a few WOW rumors about the house and property, one of which was the possibility of a cemetery on the corner part of the property grounds years ago. 
As we would find out later, there may well have been spirits visiting the new owners from what remains of the cemetery.

This is Jen.  This was her investigation and she invited several of my crew and me to join her. She hand picked everyone and couldn't have done a better job!  I believe the combination of everyone there contributed to the success we had for the evening.  And we were VERY SUCCESSFUL!!!!

Karyn brought with her an EMF detecter from her husbands tool box and it made our entire evening. As it turned out, she was able to communicate with the ghost of the house by using this device.  It would beep and light up when ever we encountered high emf, like around electric wires.  However it was also easy for the ghost to get it to do the same thing.  It worked better than the K2 meter.  She asked it to beep once for yes and twice for no.  If you ever watched Ghost Hunters, it worked a lot like their K2 when they get a ghost it light it up.  One of the most amazing things was when we would ask it to light it up 3 times, then 4, and then 5times. Every time it did exactly what we asked. 

It was a great first investigation for Karyn and Brooke also.  The orange device that Brooke is holding is our temperature gage and the ghost was raising and lowering the temperature in several rooms as well.
We got to use the ghost box and the one thing that came through was two words that said "Find me."  That was said twice.  Very nicely done. 
Thank you Jen for inviting us to this awesome investigation.  I hope you send me some picks from your end, hint-hint.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thanks to Dave.....

We are on a baby watch at my house, waiting for Amber and Jon's baby to get here.  She is due on Feb 11, but could go at any time.  I have pretty much cleared my schedule for this event until the end of Feb.  Thankfully, Dave is out there looking for those things that go bump in the night. 
He went down to Gretchen's a few nights ago and captured this spooky picture on the bridge.  I love orbs. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Riverview Cemetery's Mystical Orbs

Here are a few pics that Dave took at Riverview Cemetery a few day ago.  Riverveiw is an old graveyard, and possibly the largest in the county.  A stroll through it and you will meet many of the past prominent citizens of the East Liverpool area.  It does not surprise me that you can also get get some hauntingly beautiful scenes.  I am a personal beleiver in orbs and that they might possibly represent the spirits of the dead in many circumstances.  If you read my blog, that is no secret.  Even if you don't believe, you can't deny that the orbs add mystery to these dark images from an old cemetery.  Thank you Dave for your pursuit of the paranormal and courage to enter some of these places to find it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Looking For Lock 43 At Gretchen's Lock

Researching the area is a lot of reading in dusty books or hours sitting in front of the computer surfing the web, looking for any sites with information on them about Columbiana County. 
If you are interested in the Sandy And Beaver Canals that remain today, the best place to look for information on them is:
It was put on there by a man named Joe King, who went out and photographed all the locks left in the system.  Some he had to access from canoe as there is no other way to get there.  Mr. King also took the time to put some other little tid bits of history on there, like about a town called Martinsburg, which he may have found.  The pics he took are great and I look forward to finding these ruins  myself at some point this year.   

Dave, Karyn (on her first case as an official member of Ghosting 12 Paranormal) and I  went on Monday, Jan 18,  to look for what I thought was Lock #43.  Lock #42, which is Hambleton's Lock or more popularly known as Jake's Lock is right there in the park.  If you take the path beside the Grist Mill and keep to the creek, you eventually can see the lock pictured above.  It is very hard to get to other than by canoe or possibly crossing the creek once it goes down later this year.  I thought it was lock #43 but thanks to Mr. King's site, discovered it is Lock #44.  So where is Lock #43?  It was used to make the  abuttments for the bridge you cross to get to Gretchen's Lock.   It is just another cool fact you can get from doing a little research into the area you call home. 
Lock 44 is in a remote area, banked by some beautiful cliffs, pictured above, and there is no way right now to get over there. Later this year, my crew and I will be doing our best to explore that area.  Hopefully we will find the ruins of Martinsburg and find a way to make a free tour out of it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sometimes Legend Can Be Traced From Truth

I told a few stories about Spring Grove Cemetery last year. One was a story about a little boy named Billy Amos who died when he was 6 or 7 years old.   Here is a link to that story:

I recieved a message on facebook from a lady  I  recently became friends with.  Here name is Paulette.  I joined a group called Memories of East Liverpool, Ohio. Here is a link to follow for that:

Paulette then tells me that the story of Little Billy Amos is based on a true story, a real little boy.  Here is a link for that story:;

And today, I went to Spring Grove Cemetery and found the grave of this little boy who, it was said, played hide and seek among the graves for years after he died.  However neighbors  who lived across the street on Ashbaugh Lane believed Little Billy was just trying to find his way home. 

Billy's mother, Anges, died in 1954, and his ghost has not been seen since.  Perhaps he waited for his mother  to come and get him.
When I found this story last year, I thought it was just urban legend more than anything else.  I am truly surprised to learn that it is at least in part, fact.  So much fact that I was able to find everything at the cemetery in a matter of minutes. East Liverpool History is just getting better and better.

Jon's Channel

Jon has a YouTube channel also.
He has one uploaded video called "The skies over Calcutta,Ohio.
He is interested in a lot of things, including anything paranormal
Jon's YouTube Channel
UFO's, and Bigfoot.  He also loves dogs. He is working on a video now about all of his K9 friends.  If you get a chance, please check out Jon's Channel and his video about UFO's in the Calcutta , Ohio Sky.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another YouTube Video-Please Check It Out!

Ghost Tales of Hanoverton, Ohio (click)

This was the only ghost tour I went on last year that I didn't give.  I LOVED IT!  The stories were great and I was completely involved the whole time I was there.  I walked away, excited at the prospect of coming back in 2010!  Hope you enjoy the slide show!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Views of Gretchen's Lock Through Dave's Eye

Dave spent some time at Gretchen's today before it started to snow.  Some of these pictures are worthy of a Christmas Card.  All it needs is a horse and sleigh.
Inside the Mill you can get some of the most beautiful pictures.  The orbs can sometimes be haunting in and of themselves. 
Ghosts or not, there is always something to see at this park.  No matter the season investigating Gretchen's over the years has been an adventure and well worth my time. 
Dave's photographer's eye has been sharp to capture these enchanting images.  I am glad he is on my team.
If you take any pictures from Gretchen's that are beautiful like these, please send them and I will put them on here for all to see with your name as the photographer.  

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our First Ghost Walk Of 2010

Ghost hunting was cold business tonight.  We had two people show up.  Angel and Ashley came and we took them around  the circle.  We also did some work with the Ghost Box.  We may have gotten an answer with that.  Jay asked if it was okay if we were there and a loud YES came out.  I can definitely see us using this Ghost Box more. 
EVP, we did three sessions, but it was too cold to listen.  Plus some of our recorders just stopped working due to the cold.  Even the cameras didn't want to cooperate.    But ghost hunting in the winter is important so you know what to expect in any weather.  Our next Ghost Hunt at Thompson Park is Feb 27.  My second Grandbaby is due on Feb 11 so I have tried to keep my calender clear two weeks before and two weeks after.  We are talking about having a ghost walk at Gretchen's Lock in Feburary, closer to the end of the month.  I will keep you informed about that.  Until then, stay warm!



Friday, January 8, 2010

What the Grist Mill Looked Like Before They Fixed It!

I got these pictures from
This is what the Grist Mill looked like before it was restored.  A lot time, money, and volunteer work went into returning it, at least on the outside, to what it was.  This was taken in the 1950's.   Please stop destroying this building. It does not need your name painted on it or the door crashed in.  If we help to protect it, it will be here 100 years from now for that generation of ghost hunters to explore.  And please check out the web site where these pictures are found.  It has some fantastic pictures in it from the 1950's of the locks along Beaver Creek plus a few more surprises.  This is the web site where I discovered Jake's Lock is referred to as Lock #39, not #42.  

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Check out this YouTube Video!

For any Orb fans out there, for which I am one, check out this video from Sreamfreak79 of Viper Paranormal.  And  please, let me and him know what you think.
A Real Orb

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is the Grist Mill at Gretchen's Lock. It is also known as Hambleton's Mill, but I call it the Grist Mill because I want to.  Every Ghost Hunter in the area knows where this is and the stories about it.
It is a popular enough area that people come from miles around to ghost hunt here.  I think that is great and as  long as they respect this area, come one, come all.  Here is my problem, however.

If you look at this door, which is on the Grist Mill, you will notice the right side is BROKEN.  Some idiot out there keeps breaking the door in.  It has been happening for over a year now.  Who could be so stupid?  This building has been here for about 200 years.  And while it was rebuilt in 1974, they used the stones from the original .

This was taken last year, and you can see where the door was crashed in, fixed and crashed in again.  They have tried to fix it with a metal bar, but as you saw above, some one is crashing that in now too.  For any one who has never been there or who doesn't know it, you can enter this building by going around to the back of it.  Here, let me show you.

This is the back of the building.   Years ago, someone bent the bars enough so that most people can squeeze right through.

This is a look from the inside at the door you can go through.  Notice that other disrespectful people have been inside and left their mark.  That is very ugly.  That is a sign of an amature ghost hunter.  A real ghost hunter, serious about it, would never do any damage to a site they were investigating. 

Now, if you should get that door open, again, this is what you find.  An open floor.  If you just burst in, you are falling a fairly long distance and getting hurt. if not killed.  There are enough ghosts here with out adding yours.. 
Oh, and if you are just too much of a coward to walk around to the back of this building, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS GHOST HUNTING AT ALL.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Plans So Far For 2010

There are some things already set for this year.  Thompson Park has dates scheduled through May so far.  There is also The Ghost Hunters Show set for July 24.  That is going to be, I hope, a big event.  If you hunt ghosts in a group or on your own and have pictures and adventures you would like to share, you are invited to attend.  I have included Bigfoot Hunters and UFO Enthusiasts in that.  Set up a table, show your stuff, sell T-shirts with your logo on it, what ever.  There will be three diferent tours running that day of the park: 1. around the circle  2. Down to the Big Rock and Pool area  3. Following the paths on the Back Nine.  We are also talking about having a Bigfoot walk with some instruction on some basic Bigfoot hunting tips. 
There are several tours already in the works.  I am waiting on word about permission for a tour of Salem, Ohio and I am working on one for Wellsville also.  On the schedule already is a walk at Beaver Creek State Park to Lock #39, which I believe is the Real Jake's Lock.  That is on April 17.  You can expect repeats of the Lisbon and East Liverpool tours this year as well though they are not yet scheduled.
I am still working on the Moundsville event.  So far, I know for sure that we will attempt to go on an all night ghost hunting event.  This costs $60 per person.  You check in at 8pm and leave at 6am.  Tickets for this go on sale in January, and once I find out all the particulars, we will determine a date and get the necessary information to you about how to go.  
If you have any ideas or suggestions on places you would like to see tours please let me know ( .    If you know of any tours out there close or any other ghost hunting event not given by me, let me know because A. I would like to go if possible and B. I will poste it on the blog and C. Dave will put it on our web site at   .   
Here's to 2010 turning into an AWESOME ghost hunting year!