Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our First Ghost Walk Of 2010

Ghost hunting was cold business tonight.  We had two people show up.  Angel and Ashley came and we took them around  the circle.  We also did some work with the Ghost Box.  We may have gotten an answer with that.  Jay asked if it was okay if we were there and a loud YES came out.  I can definitely see us using this Ghost Box more. 
EVP, we did three sessions, but it was too cold to listen.  Plus some of our recorders just stopped working due to the cold.  Even the cameras didn't want to cooperate.    But ghost hunting in the winter is important so you know what to expect in any weather.  Our next Ghost Hunt at Thompson Park is Feb 27.  My second Grandbaby is due on Feb 11 so I have tried to keep my calender clear two weeks before and two weeks after.  We are talking about having a ghost walk at Gretchen's Lock in Feburary, closer to the end of the month.  I will keep you informed about that.  Until then, stay warm!


Sammi said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see the baby :) wish I couldve came to the walk!

Angel said...

Thanks Kim for the ghost walk ,it was nice meeting all of you