Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Frankfort Springs Park

Another place my crew and I visited is Frankfort Mineral Springs Park, in PA. My crew member, Dave, has been talking about this area for almost a year.  I had no idea how beautiful this place was, even from the pics he sent me.   Built in the early 1800's, it was a resort for the wealthy who came to drink it's healing waters. 
 Here is the  History Of Frankfort Mineral Springs .
All of the original buildings are gone now.  One cottage was rebuilt in about 1970 and can be explored today.  We are going back on April 11, weather permitting.   If you are interested in going, let me know. So far, no ghost stories, but we have only just started our investigation into this area!

Laurel Hollow Park in Newell, WV

Amber, Brooke, and I visited the old Newell Park and were surprised to discover so much still remaining.  I was excited to find the flower garden which I think is even more beautiful than when it was first built.  And there is more, though I am still researching the park and it's history.  This picture is from the early 1900's.
They are rebuilding the park and it is called Laurel Hollow Park now.  It  looks great.  I am looking for stories about it, history, and any ghost stories I can find about it!!  If you know any please send them along! 

This is how the flower garden looks today.  This park is worth the time to explore.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Old County Home-Demolished Soon?

The Old County Home
opened in 1845.  For the 130 years it was open it served the community as a Hospital, nursing home, and a mental ward.  It was used mostly for the poor.  A little cemetery across the street from it is evidence of that.  There are very few grave markers, but a lot of graves.  These buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Homes.  Of course, no one took care of them and now they are too far gone to save.  I have seen them inside and out and they are dangerous.  It saddens me because to a ghost hunter like me, they are far too attractive to tear down.  A few years ago I tried to get permission to go in, but was denied due to insurance reasons.  My mom and I walked around them once and looked in some of the doors.  That is how I know there is nothing left to salvage.  Still, I wish they could be saved.  At some point it will be added to the list of historical places torn down, like Smith Auto Parts Store in East Liverpool soon will be. 


Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 27 Ghost Walk At Thompson Park

We had a good night last night, and a little success in our ghost hunting.  We used the Ghost Box, with some of the best answers coming from Pavilion #1.  Dave asked if the spirits liked any one there and the answer from the box said "9 of them."  There was nine of us  around the box at the time. 
It was cold, but the pictures were good and everyone had a good time. 
We also go some nice EVP at the time capsule and Pavilion # 1. 
Our next ghost walk at Thompson Park is April 24.  If you can, please try to come.  We will be going down to the Big Rock and Pool House area for some exploration and investigation of that area.  If you were there last night and have any good pics, please send them to me and I will put them on the blog and Amy Hissom will put them on the Thompson Park website also. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shirts are in!

Ghosting 12 Paranormal shirts are in.  If you ordered one you can pick it up tonight at Thompson Park if you like.  The Thompson Park Ghost Walk starts at 7pm. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Wall Of Mystery

About three years ago, while looking for an easier way to get to the Montour Train Tunnel, we discovered a stone wall in the woods down in the Grimms Bridge area.  All the years I have been going down there and I never knew it was there.  It is about two hundred feet long.  What is left of it is about three feet high.

I don't know at this time what might have been here, though I do have some theories.  On the ridge line above the wall lays the long forgotten Montour Rail Road Line. Perhaps it was a wall built and used by the rail road for some reason.  It could also have been a business, but if it was, it was far too large to have been simply forgotten and not talked about.  It could have been someone's farm or property.  Perhaps there was a small village here, and this wall marked it's boundaries.  There is nothing on any maps to indicate there was ever a town down here, but anything is possible.  Very obviously, there was some kind of settlement in this area.  There is too much here that has left it's mark on the area.

Now is the best time to see it, and you can clearly make it out from the road.  It is very near Lock # 51.  If anyone knows what it was, or why it is there, please let me know.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Investigating The Grimms Bridge Area

On Friday, March 19,   I took a small crew down to Grimms Bridge and we had a look around.  We concentrated our efforts around Lock # 50 and #51.  My crew was Holly, Becky, Lisa, and Brooke.  It was a great ghost hunting evening!

This is Becky standing beside some of the cut stones used to make Lock #51.  As you can see they are very large.  While there is a lot of damage and degrading going on in these locks, it also allows you to see what they are made of.  For me, it left me wondering how they moved these stones and positioned them the way they did. 

Holly, Lisa, and Brooke make their way carefully around some of the trees and rocks along the bank of Beaver Creek.  We used a ghost box in this area and got some WOW results.  When I asked what color Holly's coat was, the ghost box started playing a song about a womans lip stick.  Later when we were in Lock #52, the ghost box started playing a song by Sting called "I'll Be Watching You."  Creepy. 

Later, we climbed to the top of the little train bridge in that area and again used the ghost box.   One question asked was if any spirits in the area ever rode the train.  We got a very clear YES.    We also saw formless shadows moving around us, some black, some a beige color.  All of us saw something as we stood up there.  Lisa also smelled cherry pipe tobacco very strongly.    We are excited to get back down there and do some more work!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lock #52 Mysteries

Lock #52, at Grimms Bridge, sits on private property, though the owner didn't mind that we had a look.  Full of water now, it adds to the beauty of this scene.  Shaped differently than other locks I have seen, it has moss covered  steps on the creek side, and when Dave and I were climbing them, we both made the remark that it  was like walking up an Aztec Temple.  Some other neighbors we talked to, The Schmidbauers, told us a few things about the area, including legend about a Blue Lady in the area.  There were not any details to the story, only that a woman had died somehow in the area and now her ghost sometimes appears, casting a blue light. Sounds similiar to the Thompson Park Blue Lady Legend.  I am eager to find out more details. Who was she?   How did she die?  Why is she called The Blue Lady? 
 I have read that there is an old bridge abuttment in the area. The odd shape of this lock leads me to wonder if it doubled as a bridge?  If any one knows anything about it, please let me know. 

Is Your Crew Doing Something In The Area?

If you and your crew are having any public events, I would love to put them on my blog!  Ghost walks or tours anywhere?  Let me know and I will put them on here.  It will be listed on the side under "Other Ghost Hunting Events In The Area".  Just include the date, time, meeting place, and event name.  I would suggest at least two weeks in advance.  If it has to be canceled for some reason, please let me know. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010




Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who'd Have Thought: A Lost Mill At Grimms Bridge

Dave and I spent 4 hours down in the Grimms Bridge area yesterday.  We went to take some pics of the locks, tunnel, and bridge.  Hearing about a third lock in that area, we ended up looking for it.  We not only found it (tomorrows story) but also this foundation of what the locals call The Grinding Mill.  Not much remains, but that beautiful arch has withstood the test of time.  I was mezmorized!!!
We found so much down there at Grimms Bridge, we will be having a tour of that area on April 18.  It will start at 4pm.   I am excited about this tour.  It has to be done before the leaves, weeds, and flowers start growning in the woods. The remnants of towns, locks, and railroads will be easier to see that way.   We will meet down by the little train bridge and the tour will commence from there.
Any questions?  Email me.  I will be posting a few more stories this week about our finds in this little known area of Beaver Creek. 

Expect Shirts In About 2 Weeks!

Tee Shirts are ordered.  They will be done within two weeks.  I will let you know when they are in.  They should be ready by the next Ghost Walk at Thompson Park!  Thank you all for your interest in Ghosting 12 Paranormal.  This year is going to be a busy one.  Tours are adding pretty quickly.  Coming to the list on the left will be tours to Bowman's Cemetery, Spring Grove Cemetery(charity events), and Grimms Bridge.  Dates for these events will be added soon.

Monday, March 15, 2010

History In A Pasture-More Lost History of Columbiana County

There is nothing I like better than discovering old  buildings  like these.  Interestingly, both of these can be found in  pasture fields.  The first one, with the beautiful overhang above the door, is found outside of Hanoverton on a back road.  The second is in Dungannon, on Gavers Road.  I am fairly certain the Dungannon building was a school.  A nice family across the street from it informed me the building was over 100 years old.  It was eventually converted into apartments, but that was long ago too.  The other building,  I have no idea what it was originally.  Either a church or a school.  Both are eye magnets, at least for me.  At one time they may well have been the center of a settlement from long ago.   Now they are part of Columbiana County's lost history.  If you know anything about either of these buildings, please let me know.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I will be ordering our new shirts on March 15.  I would prefer to have payment for them up front, if possible.  They are $6 each, unless you have a 2x or above.  The price is a little higher for those.  If you have already ordered, I will be making arrangements with you to get the money for them.   
On April 11, Ghosting 12 is headed for Frankfort Springs in PA.  As you can see the scenery is very lovely, and there is also a few hauntings going on in these areas.  If you are interested in going, please email me and we can make arrangements on a place to meet.  This will be weather permitting of course. 
There is not going to be a Moundsville trip.  Half my crew has the money and the other half does not.  I don't want to go without all of them, but I can't afford to pay for everyone either.  For now, at least, Moundsville is on the back burner.
I have put our schedule of events on the side.  Please check it out and see what you can attend.  There are other events that will be going on the list as soon as arrangements are finalized for them.  That would include several ghost tours of Salem, Ohio,  possibly starting in August. 
Our next event is Thompson Park on March 27.  Thompson Park has several events this year.  Besides the normal Ghost Walk there, we have the Ghost Hunters Show on July 24.  That is open to the public.  Set up is free.  If you have any adventures in ghost hunting in the tri state area and would like to share them, please consider setting up a table at this event.  We are also doing a haunted woods event for Halloween this year that will run every Friday in October.  This is a scare event, complete with costumed volunteers. 
There are several tentative Ghost Tours scheduled for Gretchen's Lock starting in May.  I am working on getting permission for these and other possible events located in that area as well.
We are still hoping to get into Wellsville this year also, but no new developements on that yet.  If you have any suggestions for tours or ghost hunting events for Columbiana County, or if you know where one will be held that isn't by Ghosting 12 (we'd love to go!!!) please email me the information and I will put it on the blog.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Look Over Your Old Pictures Once In A While

These pictures I took in 2006 down at Gretchen's Lock.  In the larger picture  you can see the form of the the woman on the right, seemingly leaning against the house and looking toward the camers.  She has on a long dress and her hair is up in a bun on her head.  I don't know who she is but I didn't find her in the picture until last summer.  The smaller picture is of the porch on the house later in the year of 2006.  Check your pics from time to time because you never know what might develope in them.