Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Scary EVP

YouTube Video
Listen for:
....I CAN NOT WAIT!  (final words)

Have a listen.  This was in 2006.  Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another East Palestine Site

I am very interested in The Historical Boatman Cemetery.  Does anyone have any history or stories about it?
Let me know.

Ghosting 12 Paranormal Will Be Giving Ghost Tours Of East Liverpool During The Pottery Festival!!!!!!!

I found out today that Ghosting 12 will be giving tours of East Liverpool during the Pottery Festival once again this year.  The Pottery Festival will be on June 17-19.  Our tours will run Thursday June 17, and Saturday June 19.  More information will be coming soon!!!!!  We had a great time doing the tour last year and hope to do so again!  We are looking for more tales of East Liverpool to share, so if you have any, please email them to me!!!
Ghosing 12 will also be having a booth during the festival, so please look for us!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Once Was The Road?

This beautiful old bridge can be found next to Route 7, going toward Rogers, Ohio.  Thanks to Amber, once again, who knew about it's existance, I was able to have a look at it today.  It has got to be over 100years old.  I crawled all over it, looking for a date or an indication of what road it used to be.  There is the faint remains of some traveled path way above, but it has not been used in years.  Lots of years.  The cut stone reminds me of the locks down at Beaver Creek.  If any one knows anything about this bridge, please email me! 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ghosting 12 Crew Members Step Up

Sammi, Sarah, and Will all jumped in and helped with the Ghost Walk Saturday!  Sammi talked about haunted bridges.  Sarah's topic was Bigfoot and even gave us an example of a Bigfoot call.  Way to go Sarah!  Will talked about The Blue Lady at the Big Rock.  They all did a great job and I look for them to be jumping in a lot more this year on some of our other tours!

Thompson Park Ghost Walk April 24, 2010

We beat the rain!  We walked all the way around the park, did several ghost box sessions, visited the pool house and the big rock, came back to base camp, took down the tent, and was headed for our cars when the rain started!  WE ARE GOOD!
And we had great success with our Ghost Box sessions!  It was awesome!  We are still going over the recordings, just listening to them last night was enough to tell us we were not alone on our adventure!  Look for them to make their way on here somewhere soon!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Voices From Grimms Bridge.wmv

Here is a video of our Grimms Bridge adventure on April 18. We had a lot of luck with the Ghost Box and EVP also.

Thompson Park Walk Still A Go

The Thompson Park Ghost Walk is still on for 7 pm tonight.  We might be headed to the woods, if it does not rain.  If it does, we will be going around the circle, spending most of our time at Pavilion #1 (because it has a nice roof).  Hope to see you there!  Be sure to bring a flashlight!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Grove Cemetery 2010

A cemetery is not just a place to bury our dead.  It is also a keeper of our history.  The residents of any cemetery are evidence that their time and life existed.  It demands respect and care.  And it should be shared. 
Spring Grove Cemetery holds much of East Liverpool's memories and historical facts.  Not to mention her secrets many might want left forgotten.  The triple murders in East Liverpool numbered two in the seventies.  On July 30, 1973, Linda Morris and her 4 year old daughter, Angela, walked into The National Furniture Store on Dresden Avenue during lunch.  At 12:55pm their bodies were discovered.  Linda was lying on an old bed mattress and Angela close beside her.  Angela was still alive at the time and rushed to East Liverpool Hospital, where she died an hour later.  They were beaten to death with a tool of some kind.  Hammer.  Wrench.  Linda was 4 months pregnant at the time.  Mr. Earl Tweed, the owner of the store, was stabbed 27 times, his uneaten sandwhich still sitting on the counter where he was making it.(He is buried in Riverview Cemetery)  Their murderer was never caught.
Deborah Taylor was beaten to death on June 25, 1979 by Robert Wooten.  Her two little children, ages 4 and 6 years old, woke up during her murder.  Robert also beat them to death.  He will be in prison for the rest of his life.
Both of these women and their children are now laid to  rest in Spring Grove Cemetery. 

Another interesting grave is that of William Devon.  He died in 1996 while still the Mayor of East Liverpool.  The Diamond, also known at Devon's Diamond, is named after him.  His grave has his picture and accounts many years of his life as a policeman, councilman, and Mayor.  He was such  a huge  part of our community. 
He, like the others mentioned in this article, deserve to be remembered.  Not just a name on a stone, as so many are.  What happened to them in their life and death made a difference in this community.  These deaths, in one way or another, changed things.  Some of them, hauntingly so. 
I am working on a Ghost Walk through Spring Grove Cemetery that will tell the stories of these and other people who touched our lives over this last century.  This is a charity event.  A cost has not yet been determined, nor has a date, but ALL MONEY WILL GO TO SPRING GROVE CEMETERY TO HELP TAKE CARE OF IT.   One concern is to chip and seal the rest of the road that goes through it.  Half was done (the half taken care of by Liverpool Township) and half wasn't, because, technically, no one takes care of it except volunteers. (who should be commended!!!!  for their efforts and time they freely give.)
More info will follow about this event as it developes. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lock 30 Woodlands RV Campground-Hidden Historical Treasure

Lock 30 Woodlands
The above link will take you to the web site for this out in the middle of nowhere camp area.  I had never been there before, but then, I was never as interested in history as I am now either. 
Located on the property of this camp ground are two items I am in love with.  First is Lock #30 of the Sandy and Beaver Canal system.  It is pictured above.  According to the former owners, this lock was never finished, though the history books suggest  a slightly different reason for it's state of disrepair.  The Canal builders did run out of money while building the locks, that is true.  The canal system was started in 1828, but by 1838, they had spent over a million dollars and ran out of money to finish.  The project sat idle for a few years until around 1840, when they got money from the Government to finish.  However, they could not afford to build them like before.  So, for example, Lusks Lock is quite beautiful and has something on it called a facing.  In contrast, Greys Lock did not recieve the facing and looks unfinished, when in fact it was.  Just no facing.  I thought there had been two different engineers for the project and that explained the different looks for the canals.  The canals were finally finished in 1848, but only ran for four years. The end came in the spring of 1852 when the Cold Run Reservoir Dam broke just outside of New Lisbon causing extensive property damage as well as ruining a large section of the canal. The canal company went broke trying to settle the resulting lawsuits.
The old bell sitting in the stone structure is, for now, a mystery.  It was on the property when the current owners bought it.  So far, I have not been able to track down any history for it, nor where it might have been used.  But I am still looking.  This bell greets you as you enter the camp ground. 
Ghosting 12 Paranormal will be at Lock 30 Woodlands on Aug 14 for the evening, telling ghost stories about the area around a camp fire.  I am so looking forward to that.  We might even work in a tour of Lusks Lock and Bowman's Cemetery......

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grimms Bridge Adventure

Cold.  Cool.  Awesome!   That describes our adventure at Grimms Bridge today!  We explored the Grimms Bridge area for nearly 4 hours, visiting the guard Lock for Dam 16, Lock # 50, the remains of the Spears Mill, the little train tressel, and the Montour Train Tunnel.  We did several ghost box sessions and one EVP session.   Mike got his name mentioned, as did Autum,  but we also heard the name Hank.  Using his cell  phone and a cool application on it for ghost hunting,  Will was able to pick up the name Dick as well as several other words. 
An amazing young man named Alan and his outstanding family, Teresa (his mom) and his sister,  Makayla (and several of their friends!!!) came also and had a way cool adventure.  Alan is a huge ghost hunting fan and has some great equipment!  While I hear Alan is autistic, I saw no evidence of that today!!  He is a great ghost hunter!
We followed trails that were blocked by fallen trees, briars, and deep, thick mud, but we conquered it all.  Our EVP included "Go back to the truck."  When we asked "Are you married?" we got the reply "I've been around."
Some reviewing needs to be done for all EVP and Ghost Box sessions, but we heard enough to know we were not alone.  The area needs a lot more work.  It is definitely worth your time if you are a ghost hunter looking for a new place to go.

Grimms Bridge Walk Is On Today!!!

The Grimms Bridge Area Walk is today at 4pm.  Everything looks good for that one!  We will be visiting two locks, one little train tressle, one strange wall in the woods, one old grist mill, and one SPOOKY TUNNEL!!
We will also be doing several EVP sessions, a ghost box session or two, and taking lots of pictures.  As usual, there is no charge.  We will be making some video on this one and putting it on YouTube as well!  If you're feeling like an adventure, come to Grimms Bridge at 4pm today and join us!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jake's Lock Walk Cancelled for Today.

I have no choice but to cancel the walk for today.  I hate to do it, but it keeps raining and since our path leads along the creek, I just don't think it will be safe.  We will reschedule this walk as soon as possible.
Sorry for the inconvenience.  Perhaps tomorrow we will have better luck with the Grimms Bridge walk.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Orbs in the Woods at Thompson Park

Dave went to Thompson Park earlier this week and took some pictures on the trail in the woods.  These two pictures both have orbs in them. I like daytime orbs because it is harder to get them in the day.  If enough people show up, we will be splitting up into three groups. One for the circle, one for the woods and one for the big rock/pool area.
We have a lot going on with the park this year.  Besides the monthly Ghost Walk, we have the GHOST HUNTER'S SHOW  on July 24.  We are also have a HAUNTED WALK DURING OCTOBER WITH PEOPLE IN COSTUME, IN THE WOODS.   That is still in the planning stages, but looks good so far.
Any questions, email me.  April 24 is the Thompson Park Ghost Walk, and we would love to see you there!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Company Store In Negley, Ohio

I thought this was the train station, but I found out it isn't.  It has always been The Company Store though.  Built in about 1864, it was originally a store for the Coal Company in Negley. (Nope, I don't know the name of the Coal Company at this time, but I will). 
It has been owned by Linda  Kowalczyk Oliastro for the last 25 years.   I loved the place because it is packed with antiques.  PACKED!!! 
The building hasn't changed much over the years.  The glass in the windows is original.  The floor in one of the rooms still holds the knots from the timber used to make it.  When you walk inside it is like walking back in time.  I fell in love with the place!  Not to mention seeing several items I hope to buy  at some point in the future.  
There is an eagle in a glass case inside on the right.  She said it is stuffed with straw, among other things, and that is why they are allowed to keep it.  The taxidermist for is was over 100 years ago.
But the most interesting thing to me was upstairs.  She has a wall that she hasn't fixed, covered, painted or renovated because it holds the signatures of people who have been through the building.  There are dates, like March 7, 1891 and June 6, 1896 hand written on this wall.  There are also many others. 
Linda was very sweet to show me around and let me see this little bit of preserved history.  Visiting this little buisness is very worth a moment of your time.  If the history does not draw you there, the antiques should!  Please see their web site:
Phone330-8707002 winter phone 724 752-9386 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting or cell 330 426-3333 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting - end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Achor Cemetery After Dark

Amber and I went to visit my mom at Covington for a while tonight.  She is doing well, and might get to come home soon.  :)  On our way home, we stopped at a little cemetery Dave found a few months ago called Achor Cemetery.  Old.  Lots of interesting head stones.  A wonderful old church that is no longer used.  Out in the middle of nowhere.  And seemingly, very haunted.
We have done a few EVP sessions there, as well as two ghost box sessions.  We got an eerie sentence using the box that says "You are hunting us." 
In the first picture if you look to the left , you will see two stones near the far corner of the church.  Between them is a ghost.  The second picture shows what that area looks like with out the ghost in it.  It is, seemingly, a cloaked figure peering at us from between the stones.  NICE!
The last picture is of a bright,  moving orb by the church.   We were very respectful.  We said please and thank you.  We asked.  We did not demand.  It was great.  We are eager to continue our investigation of this little cemetery and look for some history about it.  Our next goal will be to get Amy out there and see what she senses. 
Tomorrow I will put another story on here about Achor Cemetery and what it looks like during the day.
If you like old cemeteries, this one is a great place to explore.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy-Busy-Busy Weekend!!!

It was a great weekend for Ghosting 12 Paranormal. Besides all the cool places we are discovering on our journeys to East Palestine, we had a house investigation in Salem Ohio on Saturday night and our hiking adventure on Sunday.  Both were great events.  The house yeilded many interesting aspects.  The most intriguing was the basement where there is a room with a door that locks from the outside.  Inside the room is a cott.  The owner bought it that way.  We got two interesting EVP- 1. Tell them to leave.  and 2.  Keep the door closed! (down in the basement, by the infamous room.)  We spent 5 hours there and had an amazing time.  It was a first time house investigation for new crew member Will.  He did a great job and we look forward to working with him.
Today we spent at Frankfort Springs.  That place is always interesting.  We did another ghost box session in the cottage there and one of our guests, Nettie, had her name spoken.  That is always disconcerting when you hear your name said by a ghost.
Don't forget, Saturday, April 17 is the walk back to Jake's Lock (#39) and April 18 is the Grimms Bridge tour.  Hope to see you there!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sunday April 11 Frankfort Springs Adventure

We are headed back to Frankfort Springs on Sunday, weather permitting.  You are welcome to come along.  We are meeting at Dollar General at around 12:30pm in Calcutta.  Bring a camera and wear some good shoes!  Any one that is interested, we will be doing some Ghost Box Sessions and EVP sessions, too.
As usual, it is free! 
Next weekend is packed for us.  April 17 is the Jakes Lock tour, which is at Beaver Creek State Park at about 4 pm.   We are walking back to Grey's, Vondergreens, Lock #39(Jake's Lock) and Lock #40, as well at taking a look at 5 foundations of homes or businesses that existed back in the 1800's.  You will need a camera for this one, too.   April 18 is the Grimms Bridge tour.  Bring a camera, sturdy shoes, etc.  Again, 4pm.
My crew and I are, as always, looking for ghosts, but we throw in as much history as we can dig up.  Unless specified, all of our events are free.  When we charge, it is ALWAYS for a charity of some kind.  (We have only done that once so far, but we are very interested in finding other charities out there that would like to try it for a fund raiser!  We don't charge anyone for that either.)  Any questions or want to let me know you are coming?  Email me!

Mysteries of Carmel Achor Road Part 2

Another surprise on  Carmel Achor Road was this one lane bridge, built in 1882 by the Columbia Bridge Works out of Dayton, Ohio.  The design is very attractive and reminds me of bubbles.  I do not know if it has a name.  For now, I will refer to it as Carmel Achor Road Bridge.  Haunted? Don't know.  Ghost stories?  Still don't know.  A lasting part of Columbiana County history?  You bet!  If you like bridges, this one is worth your time to visit.
Also, Carmel Achor Road is named from a town that, like Sprucevale and Cannons Mills, died many years ago.  It is on a map my crew member, Dave, found.  There is Rogersville(which is now Rogers), Millrock, Hartville(which is now Negley) and Achor.  The map is dated 1854.  I guess that also explains Achor Cemetery, which is also on Carmel Achor Road, and is tomorrows story. 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Mysteries of Carmel Achor Road

There are a lot of interesting things to see on the way to Covington Nursing Home near East Palestine.  My mom has to stay there for a few weeks because she recently broke her hip.  I go and visit her every day so I have been stopping to look at some of the things that interest me.  This is actually an Amber-Find.  She took me up Carmel Apple Road to show me the remains of this bridge.  I was intrigued.
It is very old.  Made of cut stone, you can tell the road once went this way.  It is surrounded by steep hills. 
It almost looks like an animal den from a zoo or something at first glance.  Once again, I am looking for any info on it that anyone knows.  if you are aware of any history for it, please email me!
I have a couple more stories coming from Carmel Achor Road in the next few days.  A bridge build in 1882, and an old cemetery with a spooky old church are also on my list just from that road. Also, do you wonder why Achor is spelled this way instead of acre?  I have the answer for that in tomorrow's story.