Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Company Store In Negley, Ohio

I thought this was the train station, but I found out it isn't.  It has always been The Company Store though.  Built in about 1864, it was originally a store for the Coal Company in Negley. (Nope, I don't know the name of the Coal Company at this time, but I will). 
It has been owned by Linda  Kowalczyk Oliastro for the last 25 years.   I loved the place because it is packed with antiques.  PACKED!!! 
The building hasn't changed much over the years.  The glass in the windows is original.  The floor in one of the rooms still holds the knots from the timber used to make it.  When you walk inside it is like walking back in time.  I fell in love with the place!  Not to mention seeing several items I hope to buy  at some point in the future.  
There is an eagle in a glass case inside on the right.  She said it is stuffed with straw, among other things, and that is why they are allowed to keep it.  The taxidermist for is was over 100 years ago.
But the most interesting thing to me was upstairs.  She has a wall that she hasn't fixed, covered, painted or renovated because it holds the signatures of people who have been through the building.  There are dates, like March 7, 1891 and June 6, 1896 hand written on this wall.  There are also many others. 
Linda was very sweet to show me around and let me see this little bit of preserved history.  Visiting this little buisness is very worth a moment of your time.  If the history does not draw you there, the antiques should!  Please see their web site:
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Jamie said...

FANTASTIC Place!!! Linda is amazing and so incredibly sweet! If you are looking for a trip worthwhile, go here. The history that surrounds just the building is so interesting!

Just ask Linda!
(Oh yeah, and the antiques are ENDLESS!)

Shelley said...

I would never go back there again. I drove over an hour to get there. I was there before and spent over $200 on quilting piecies. When I went there the second time around - she tried to charge me more than she she did the first time saying that they were different pieces. They were the exact matches to the ones that I bought from her in the first place. Just a rip off. I can do better traveling to estate sales to find what I want and pay better prices than there. I went there the second time around on my birthday because I was so pleased with my treasures that I purchased the first time. My husband asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday - I said I wanted to go to Ohio to look for more quilt squares. What a major disappointment. I Never go there again!