Friday, April 9, 2010

Mysteries of Carmel Achor Road Part 2

Another surprise on  Carmel Achor Road was this one lane bridge, built in 1882 by the Columbia Bridge Works out of Dayton, Ohio.  The design is very attractive and reminds me of bubbles.  I do not know if it has a name.  For now, I will refer to it as Carmel Achor Road Bridge.  Haunted? Don't know.  Ghost stories?  Still don't know.  A lasting part of Columbiana County history?  You bet!  If you like bridges, this one is worth your time to visit.
Also, Carmel Achor Road is named from a town that, like Sprucevale and Cannons Mills, died many years ago.  It is on a map my crew member, Dave, found.  There is Rogersville(which is now Rogers), Millrock, Hartville(which is now Negley) and Achor.  The map is dated 1854.  I guess that also explains Achor Cemetery, which is also on Carmel Achor Road, and is tomorrows story. 

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