Friday, April 16, 2010

Orbs in the Woods at Thompson Park

Dave went to Thompson Park earlier this week and took some pictures on the trail in the woods.  These two pictures both have orbs in them. I like daytime orbs because it is harder to get them in the day.  If enough people show up, we will be splitting up into three groups. One for the circle, one for the woods and one for the big rock/pool area.
We have a lot going on with the park this year.  Besides the monthly Ghost Walk, we have the GHOST HUNTER'S SHOW  on July 24.  We are also have a HAUNTED WALK DURING OCTOBER WITH PEOPLE IN COSTUME, IN THE WOODS.   That is still in the planning stages, but looks good so far.
Any questions, email me.  April 24 is the Thompson Park Ghost Walk, and we would love to see you there!


Anonymous said...

u gotta turn ur flash off or u get daytime orbs to

Kimberly said...

These pics were taken by Dave, my lead technician. He knows to turn the flash off. Besides, these pics are also taken in a section of the woods on the Back Nine that we have gotten some interesting Paranormal activity in. If you come out on April 24, you might get a chance to go down there and have a look yourself.