Friday, April 9, 2010

Sunday April 11 Frankfort Springs Adventure

We are headed back to Frankfort Springs on Sunday, weather permitting.  You are welcome to come along.  We are meeting at Dollar General at around 12:30pm in Calcutta.  Bring a camera and wear some good shoes!  Any one that is interested, we will be doing some Ghost Box Sessions and EVP sessions, too.
As usual, it is free! 
Next weekend is packed for us.  April 17 is the Jakes Lock tour, which is at Beaver Creek State Park at about 4 pm.   We are walking back to Grey's, Vondergreens, Lock #39(Jake's Lock) and Lock #40, as well at taking a look at 5 foundations of homes or businesses that existed back in the 1800's.  You will need a camera for this one, too.   April 18 is the Grimms Bridge tour.  Bring a camera, sturdy shoes, etc.  Again, 4pm.
My crew and I are, as always, looking for ghosts, but we throw in as much history as we can dig up.  Unless specified, all of our events are free.  When we charge, it is ALWAYS for a charity of some kind.  (We have only done that once so far, but we are very interested in finding other charities out there that would like to try it for a fund raiser!  We don't charge anyone for that either.)  Any questions or want to let me know you are coming?  Email me!

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