Sunday, May 30, 2010

It Was Just A Rumor! Hanoverton Is Still Having Ghost Walks!

I got this comment today on an article I did back in March about Hanoverton.  There was a rumor that they were no longer going to do the ghost walks.  This is the comment left on the story:

Yes, there will still be Ghost Walks in Hanoverton!
They will be: 6/12, 6/26, 7/9, 7/24, 7/31, 8/14, 8/28, 10/9, 10/23, 10/30.

I can be e-mailed at --Cost is $6
Under 10 free.
Spread Eagle Tavern-330-223-1583
Also, I am taking reservations for groups of 8 or more for week-day or evening tours on the history of Hanoverton or a walk thro the cemetery. $6 per person for either tour. Please e-mail me (not Spread Eagle) at:

Georgetown Cemetery Video

Finished the video for Georgetown Cemetery, finally. Take special note of the back ground music. Ghosting 12 crew members did it on the Haunted Piano during the Locker Room Building investigation a few weeks ago. I loved it. Hope you like it, too.

Jake's Lock Adventure

The walk back to Lock #39 turned out to be quite an adventure.  This walk is not one to take this late in spring because much of what you want to see is overgrown by nature, as you can tell.  Several of the adventurers were also attacked by a plant called nettles.  Bugs were everywhere. There were fallen trees in several places along the trail.   And the heat was balmy. 
But reaching Jake's Lock was so worth it!  The beauty that surrounds this mysterious lock is well worth the considerable effort to get there.  Some people just didn't make it.  They turned around and went back.  But many did and were rewarded with some great EVP at the lock and a good ghost box session too.  Some of the answers we got included "call me Jake."  and when we asked how he died, he said "lightening."  two different times.   We trudged through mud, rough terrain, water, high weeds, over fallen trees, and pretty much sweating our asses off, but any adventure is worth some sweat!  This one sure was! 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Permission To Be At Gretchen's Lock After Dark

I spent some time finding out exactly what you have to do to get permission to be at Gretchen's Lock, as well as other parts of Beaver Creek State Park, after dark.  I asked a few questions and Todd Metz, Asst. Park Manager, was kind enough to get back to me about it.  The following is the email I sent and his response.
From: Kim M []
Sent: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 9:47 AM
To: Metz, Todd
Subject: Re: Beaver Creek Tours
Thank you Mr. Metz. I appreciate that you took the time to send this. I have been trying since March to contact someone about it with no success and my busy season is here now so I had to do something. On May 8 when my first Gretchen's Tour was held, Park Rangers went down and locked the gates to the park an hour before it started. When that happened I assumed it was because I was having an event down there and didn't have any one's permission to do it. Only I couldn't get a hold of anyone to get it.
There is also some confusion as to the rules about being in the park after dark. I would like to post the correct information on my blog so there are no misunderstandings.

1. Do you have to have written permission to be in the park after dark?
2. As long as you do not drive your vehicle inside the park, but walk, you can go in anytime, no permission necessary? Is that true?
3. Does the written permission include The Pioneer Village area of Beaver Creek State Park as well?

There are a lot of people going down there on a nightly basis and any information I can get out there will help to keep the area safe and organized.
Thank you again for your time.
Kindest Regards,
Kimberly Mitchell
Ghosting 12 Paranormal

Now, here is his response.

You do have to have written permission for be in the park after hours.
If you park outside the gate, you are less likely to be asked to leave or have the chance of your vehicle being locked in.
The written permission does include the pioneer village.
Please keep this in mind: The rangers at anytime reserve the right to ask anyone to leave at anytime for any reason if they feel it necessary. This is even the case if you have the after hours form.
If you have anymore questions, please contact me.

Todd Metz, CPM
Asst. Park Manager
Guilford Lake/Beaver Creek

So, now you know

An interesting picture from Georgetown Cemetery

First, I hate putting things on my blog and claiming they are something.  I have certain things on here that I won't even argue about which I feel have something paranormal about them, and you will find them at the bottom of the blog.  (Keep scrolling.  You will find them eventually.)
It is very rare to really get something.  In the picture above, you see a cemetery stone, and this is not what I am debating.  It is the double image of it, above it.  Within that image you see the face of a man.  This is something that happens a lot in cemeteries, and is also one of the reasons I don't listen to what other so called authorities give you as an explanation.  (dust, or bugs, blah blah blah)
I have thrown out pictures similar to this because,  I reasoned,  it is matrixing or just a double image.  But the face looking back has always been different.  Ladies have longer hair.  Men have shorter.  Sometimes it is a profile, while others are staring you full in the face.   The 4 Ghosts picture below is a perfect example of why I look everything over carefully and consider everything I see just as carefully.  I wish I had back some of the things I got rid of listening to what others believe instead of studying it for myself.  I will never make that mistake again.  Is that an apparition in the picture above?  I don't know. I am not going to say it is for that reason.  But, I am also not going to tell you it isn't. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Georgetown PA and a Cemetery Witch

G12 is having a blast on our midnight adventures.  My friend Holly told me about a cemetery near her sister, Karena's house.  She lives in Georgetown, Pa, very close to Hookstown.  So, Friday night, after my CCFHV meeting, Amber, Brooke, Briana, and I went on another Midnight adventure.  We were so glad we did!
We captured an excellent EVP that said "GO HOME!"   It came over the Ghost Box, before we even got started.  I was working with another recorder to get it started when those two haunting words came out of the radio.  We did not get much in the way of pictures or video, though there are a few pics we are taking a closer look at. 

Expect a video about it soon!
Besides Holly and Karena, we were joined by Kylie, Alexiss, and Amber, who told us an interesting story about this cemetery.
Years ago, there was a woman that everyone thought practiced the black arts. She was labeled a witch.  The townspeople attempted to hang her from a tree once located in the cemetery, but, according to the story, the tree broke and the witch got away.  Now, every Halloween, she returns to Georgetown Cemetery.  This is a legend we are working on finding more information about.  If you have heard this story, please let me know! 
We are planning a daytime exploration here in the near future because there were things we couldn't see, like signature rock. Definitely a must see attraction for this fine old cemetery. It is located on a hill and accompanied by something of a high cliff, so we opted to view it when we had a lower risk of getting killed. No need to add our ghosts to the area. It has enough.

Another Ghost Hunting Idea

In your quest to find a ghost, never limit yourself.  Try anything that comes to mind because you never know what is going to work.  Here you see a square drawn in the dust on Amber's van.  We asked if any spirits in the area were around to please put a mark in the square.  While we didn't get anything, we plan on trying this several times during our adventures this summer.  Something like using baby powder on the floor to catch footsteps from a ghost.  You will be the first to know if we get anything!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 22, 2010 Thompson Park Ghost Walk

We had a nice turnout for Thompson Park tonight, despite the rain.  Our adventure took us around the circle almost as usual.  The plan was to stick to the areas with a roof, though we didn't need to. 

Pictures didn't yield much, except a lot of fog, but we got a few.  Ghost Box and EVP sessions also got us some interesting results and the grumpy guy by the tennis courts cussed at us also.  His favorite swear words include Ass Hole, Bitch, and the F Bomb.  I wonder if he dated a girl that played tennis a lot and haunts that area to see her from time to time. 
Thank you to everyone who came tonight.  I hope you left with a new wonder and amazement at the possibilities out there.  I always do.  The next Thompson Park Walk is June 26 at 7 pm.  Hope to see you there!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

An Orb In The Hand....

On our investigation of a building in East Liverpool on May 15, Jen captured this picture of Sarah.  We had done a photo session where we ask any spirits in the room to sit on our hands.  One did on Sarah's.  Is this proof that a spirit was there?  NO.  Just another possibility in the paranormal world.  Good work Jen and Sarah!
I do not hide my opinions on the relativity of orbs with spirit activity. In a field that we know so little about, and in fact is rarely seriously taken,  we can't afford to dismiss any evidence, nor assume anything.  While the orb in Sarah's hand might be dust, why would it be there like we asked, sitting perfectly in her hand?  Ghosting 12 Paranormal will keep searching for answers.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ghosting 12 Paranormal Expands Crew To 16

Because G12 has such a large tour schedule this year and our investigations have doubled, it became necessary to increase the size of our crew.  Above left is Alex (far left) and Jen (green shirt) along with our Sammi and Will. At right is Becky.  
They bring our crew size to 16. Alex is 15 and is joining our Junior G12 crew.  Jen and Becky have been coming to every ghost walk or tour we have had since early last year.  I met Jen at Thompson Park.  She likes many aspects of ghost hunting and we are looking forward to finding her strengths in the field. 
Becky is already starting to shine in research alone.  Knowing the history and legends of an area is one of the most important aspects of being a ghost hunter.  Her field talents are also yet to be discovered, but knowing what ghosts to look for is half the battle.
Our Crew List:
Kimberly(L.I. and Founder)
Jon(Tours and Investigator)
Amber(Big Foot and Investigator)
Amy(Empathic Investigator)
Sarah( Investigator)
Dave(Technician and Research)
Becky(Investigator and Research)
Will(Gadget Guy and Investigator)
Brooke(Computers and Investigator)
Karyn(EVP and Investigator)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The House On Wood Street

Last night's investigation of the old house on Wood Street was a calm, uneventful, experience. My crew for this investigation was Mike, Dave, Jon, Becky, and Will.  They did a great job!  We  did several EVP sessions as well as Ghost Box Sessions.  All was quiet.  The Ghost Box did spit out some names, like Tim and Joyce, but for the most part was quiet.  No strange noises or knocks on the walls or floors.  No opening or closing doors.   Just a house that is roughly 110 years old that at one time was a beautiful place to live. 

While it looks to be a spooky, and haunted old house now, the fact that it is uninhabited and been that way for 12 years,  may be a factor as to why we didn't seem to find anything.  Of course, as with everything in the paranormal, this is only a theory.   We have a few more recordings to listen to and video to go over to be sure, but right now, not haunted.  It is simply a tired old house that is due to be torn down later this year. 

A Midnight Adventure To Bowmans Cemetery

Amber came to my house last night and said Brooke, Brianna,  and she was headed to Bowman's Cemetery and wondered if I would like to go.  "Hell yes!" I said.  I am always up for a ghost hunting adventure.

It was quiet.  It was calm.  It was unnerving!  Every sound coming from the woods was the witch coming for us!  At one point, it sounded like some one running through the woods.  In true Ghost Hunters fashion we charged toward the commotion and found nothing. 

We used a night vision camera to take some pictures.  Had fun with that.  Pics turned out good, too.
We also did several Ghost Box sessions.  They are in line with the sessions from The Family Repeat Building.  If you ever get a chance to take off some evening and ghost hunt all night (we went until 4am.) don't pass it up.  It was really worth it. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nettie's Work With Orbs

My friend, Nettie, has been doing research on her own about orbs and ghosts.  Her efforts to get an orb in a picture with her sometimes pay off.  Is this proof that that orb represents a spirit? No.  But it is a way cool picture.  And it is a start.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Eerie Remains Of Old Route 7

There is a section of Road outside of Wellsville.  Amy and I were out there yesterday.  While Route 7 is now a nice, 4 lane highway, at one time it was this road seen here.  As we traveled down it, I couldn't help but feel like I was in some Scifi movie where mankind had been wiped out and this is all that remained. 

Along the road, not only is the curb still on one side, but this cement wall is on the other.   And stairs.  Stairs that once lead to homes and businesses.  These places were destroyed when the highway was put in. Except for what you see.

At the base of the stairs is a little cement room, with a window.  I have no idea what these rooms are for.  Storage, perhaps.  There are several of them.

This tunnel runs under the railroad tracks.  Part of the highway that once ran through here and is now a ghostly remainder of another time and place that no longer exists.

Where Amy is standing is where the road ends.  There used to be a bridge there.  This is a party place now.  A place to go fishing.  It is Yellow Creek.  A lot of trucks pulling motorcycles drove past us, making their way to hill climbing fun. 
In front of the truck, under the bridge, it is rumored that some one committed suicide a few years ago.  We did a ghost box session here and some one said "They took my gun." 
Somewhere around here was a bar called Waterford Downs.  The body of a young woman was found behind it in around 1954.  She was never identified and her killer never caught.  In a ghost box session, someone named Mary talked to us.  We also kept hearing "Find me." 
I look forward to getting my whole crew down here some Saturday this summer to explore and investigate this area further. 
If you know any stories about old route 7, or Waterford Downs, or know anything about the tales I mentioned, please let me know.

Monday, May 10, 2010

More info on The Three Witches From Angel and Steve

I recieved an email from Angel and Steve along with this picture.
Here are a few pics of the (supposed to be)Witches graves , here is a site that has not much about it , and has other haunted areas on there as well .. scroll down to New Springfield
..this is what it says ..German Witches Graves - Just off of Lipply Road, there's a hayfield with a clump of trees in the center. Three tombstones in this clump of trees are said to belong to witches. All three graves are written in German. Ghostly figures have been spotted in the trees, as well as the field. The three witches still haunt the area as well.
So, I am looking for stories about this area if anyone has any.   

Three Witches

Somewhere in the Columbiana area, possibly toward North Lima, there is apparently a road.  On that road is a field.  And in that field, all by themselves are three graves.  They are written in German, so no one is sure exactly what they say.  It is rumored to be the graves of three witches.  Does anyone know what I am talking about? I heard this story from Angel and Steve, two of my newest Ghost Hunting friends.  They have been to the site and can verify that the graves are there, and written in German. An older gentleman stopped and told them the stories were not true.    If you know any history about this area or heard the tale, please let me know.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

So far, Gretchen's Lock Adventure is still on!

Weather is sometimes hard to deal with when ghost hunting outside, but it is also worth your time to try it in different weather conditions.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  Or discovery.  Wind and rain are not the best conditions to look for ghosts, but you never know what a ghost might be able to do with that either.  Unless you try, of course.  I will keep this updated through out the day.  Basically, if it is raining pretty good and storming (lightening etc)  we will have no choice but to cancel.   I will let you know!

The House On Birch Road

As I drove along Birch Road the other day, working on the ghost story I had heard about, I saw this house and literally had to slam on my brakes and take a picture of it.  It is obviously an old house.  Some of the windows even look original.  It seemed to just jump out at me.  I took this picture and added it to our facebook group page.  We are having a contest on who can find the scariest house in Columbiana County.
A comment (thanks Wendy!)  was made about the house being haunted.
"This house is very haunted! A friend of mine use to live in it & we heard it was involved in the Underground Railroad to get slaves from the river out into the country to escape to Canada. I use to get cold goosebups there all the time & I could hear little kids playing in the yard at all hours of the night."
Underground Railroad stories always have my attention!  There is a bend in the road right by this house that is flanked by an open field.  I wondered if this was where the stagecoach accident might have occured.  Coupled with a historic and possibly haunted house, this area has interesting investigative possibilities!

Friday, May 7, 2010


The first Gretchen's Lock Adventure is May 8 at 6pm. As long as it is not pouring down rain, it will go on as scheduled. Bring a camera and flashlight. If you have a digital recorder, please bring that also. We will be doing EVP and Ghost Box Sessions in several areas of the park. Oh, and from what I hear, it will be chilly, so dress warm. It gets extra cold down there. This tour usually lasts about 3 hours.

Voices of Memory In Spring Grove Cemetery Part 4-Billy Amos.wmv

The forth part to the Voices of Memory In Spring Grove series. It is my favorite. We captured some interesting answers using the Ghost Box. There are other stories about Spring Grove, but they are still a work in progress.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Taylor Triple Murders

Spring Grove Cemetery-The Taylor Triple Murder  
This is the third of 4 videos including results from our ghost box sessions.  There will be more as I uncover more stories about Spring Grove Cemetery. 
I have written about the Taylor Murders on here before.  While that case is solved, the young girl with Wooten, the convicted murderer, was never found.  Louise Davis remains missing to this day.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Ghost Story on Birch Road

Amber ran across a ghost story about Birch Road.  It runs from Rt 7 to Bell School Road.  Apparently, on one of the bends in this road, if you stand there at midnight, you will be able to hear the thundering of a stagecoach.  She was told this road was part of the stagecoach line that ran from Rogersville(now just Rogers) to East Liverpool.  One late evening, the horses pulling the stagecoach were spooked and they ran off the road, causing the stagecoach to crash.  The driver and both occupants were killed.  Do they haunt the road?  Is this something that might be residual in nature?  This is one of the stories Ghosting 12 Paranormal hopes to investigate this summer.
If you have heard this story before or have any details to add or subtract, let me know.

The Carnival Girl

Spring Grove part 2- The Carnival Girl  
The Carnival Girl was murdered in about 1942.  She was strangled.  Her body was found not long after death, wrapped in two cheap blankets, laying along an old road down on State Street, in the East End of East Liverpool.  Her identity has never been discovered.  She was buried in an unmarked grave in Spring Grove.  Sadly, her killer was never found.  Click on the link to get the results of our Ghost Box session done near her grave.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Midnight Adventure To Spring Grove Cemetery

Voices of Memory in Spring Grove Cemetery-Murder in 1973   (click here)

Amber, Brooke and I went to Spring Grove Cemtery a few nights ago.  We explored the area in an attempt to prepare a tour for it.  Only half of the cemetery is officially taken care of, through Liverpool Township.  The other half, the front part, only gets attention when there are volunteers to do it. 
One of the main things they need is to have the rest of the road running through it chip and sealed.  To that end my crew and I are preparing a tour of Spring Grove filled with the history, lore and legend of East Liverpool and this cemetery.  A cost is yet to be determined at this time, as is a date.  Our goal is to help get the money necessary to finish the chip and seal job.  The video is the first of 4 videos being made from our midnight adventure.  Hope you like it.