Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Ghost Story on Birch Road

Amber ran across a ghost story about Birch Road.  It runs from Rt 7 to Bell School Road.  Apparently, on one of the bends in this road, if you stand there at midnight, you will be able to hear the thundering of a stagecoach.  She was told this road was part of the stagecoach line that ran from Rogersville(now just Rogers) to East Liverpool.  One late evening, the horses pulling the stagecoach were spooked and they ran off the road, causing the stagecoach to crash.  The driver and both occupants were killed.  Do they haunt the road?  Is this something that might be residual in nature?  This is one of the stories Ghosting 12 Paranormal hopes to investigate this summer.
If you have heard this story before or have any details to add or subtract, let me know.  ghosting12@yahoo.com

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