Saturday, May 8, 2010

The House On Birch Road

As I drove along Birch Road the other day, working on the ghost story I had heard about, I saw this house and literally had to slam on my brakes and take a picture of it.  It is obviously an old house.  Some of the windows even look original.  It seemed to just jump out at me.  I took this picture and added it to our facebook group page.  We are having a contest on who can find the scariest house in Columbiana County.
A comment (thanks Wendy!)  was made about the house being haunted.
"This house is very haunted! A friend of mine use to live in it & we heard it was involved in the Underground Railroad to get slaves from the river out into the country to escape to Canada. I use to get cold goosebups there all the time & I could hear little kids playing in the yard at all hours of the night."
Underground Railroad stories always have my attention!  There is a bend in the road right by this house that is flanked by an open field.  I wondered if this was where the stagecoach accident might have occured.  Coupled with a historic and possibly haunted house, this area has interesting investigative possibilities!

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