Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The House On Wood Street

Last night's investigation of the old house on Wood Street was a calm, uneventful, experience. My crew for this investigation was Mike, Dave, Jon, Becky, and Will.  They did a great job!  We  did several EVP sessions as well as Ghost Box Sessions.  All was quiet.  The Ghost Box did spit out some names, like Tim and Joyce, but for the most part was quiet.  No strange noises or knocks on the walls or floors.  No opening or closing doors.   Just a house that is roughly 110 years old that at one time was a beautiful place to live. 

While it looks to be a spooky, and haunted old house now, the fact that it is uninhabited and been that way for 12 years,  may be a factor as to why we didn't seem to find anything.  Of course, as with everything in the paranormal, this is only a theory.   We have a few more recordings to listen to and video to go over to be sure, but right now, not haunted.  It is simply a tired old house that is due to be torn down later this year. 

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