Thursday, May 27, 2010

An interesting picture from Georgetown Cemetery

First, I hate putting things on my blog and claiming they are something.  I have certain things on here that I won't even argue about which I feel have something paranormal about them, and you will find them at the bottom of the blog.  (Keep scrolling.  You will find them eventually.)
It is very rare to really get something.  In the picture above, you see a cemetery stone, and this is not what I am debating.  It is the double image of it, above it.  Within that image you see the face of a man.  This is something that happens a lot in cemeteries, and is also one of the reasons I don't listen to what other so called authorities give you as an explanation.  (dust, or bugs, blah blah blah)
I have thrown out pictures similar to this because,  I reasoned,  it is matrixing or just a double image.  But the face looking back has always been different.  Ladies have longer hair.  Men have shorter.  Sometimes it is a profile, while others are staring you full in the face.   The 4 Ghosts picture below is a perfect example of why I look everything over carefully and consider everything I see just as carefully.  I wish I had back some of the things I got rid of listening to what others believe instead of studying it for myself.  I will never make that mistake again.  Is that an apparition in the picture above?  I don't know. I am not going to say it is for that reason.  But, I am also not going to tell you it isn't. 

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