Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jake's Lock Adventure

The walk back to Lock #39 turned out to be quite an adventure.  This walk is not one to take this late in spring because much of what you want to see is overgrown by nature, as you can tell.  Several of the adventurers were also attacked by a plant called nettles.  Bugs were everywhere. There were fallen trees in several places along the trail.   And the heat was balmy. 
But reaching Jake's Lock was so worth it!  The beauty that surrounds this mysterious lock is well worth the considerable effort to get there.  Some people just didn't make it.  They turned around and went back.  But many did and were rewarded with some great EVP at the lock and a good ghost box session too.  Some of the answers we got included "call me Jake."  and when we asked how he died, he said "lightening."  two different times.   We trudged through mud, rough terrain, water, high weeds, over fallen trees, and pretty much sweating our asses off, but any adventure is worth some sweat!  This one sure was! 

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