Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Ghost on Rt. 39 Outside of Wellsville?

Her name was possibly
Susan .  She went missing about 18 years ago.  The victim of an apparent car accident, her car went over the guard rail on Rt. 39 and plunged into a little ravine.  It was during the summer when she disappeared.  She was found by a hunter several months later, still in her car.

There have been several reports of a woman being seen standing beside this sign on Rt 39.  It is just above the ravine where Susan and another woman was found.  One person reported that when seeing this woman they were filled with great saddness. We are looking into this case and searching for information about this accident.  If you know this story, have seen this ghostly apparition along this road, or know the date that this accident occurred, please let me know.  Email me!

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Face Of The Carnival Girl Finally Revealed

I have done other stories on the Unidentified Carnival Girl.  She is a mystery on a couple levels.  First she was murdered in around 1944 and her case is unsolved.  Then her identity has never been discovered and she rests in an unmarked grave as an unknown person.  This is sad.  She was young when she was murdered.  By the picture, she was pretty and had her whole life ahead of her, living an adventurous life as a Carny. Her body was found near this RR overpass on State Street in East End. 
 What happened?  For now, it would help if we could at least put a name to her face.  Finally, after 66 years.  Who is our Carnival Girl? 

Seeing Ghosts by At This Remove

Seeing Ghosts by At This Remove

Russ contacted me about a week ago. He is in a band that is called At This Remove.
He will be there August 4th and 6th from 3:45 to 5:45. Some of his music titles include
"The Spirit World" from the Late 80's, and another called "Haunted". He has a new
release called "Shadows Fall". If you are going to the Columbiana County Fair Aug 2 - 8,
please stop in and give them a listen! I will be.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lunch With the TriState Explorer's Club

I met with the TriState Explorer's Club today and had a wonderful time.  They have a deep interest in getting out there and seeing what this area has to offer.  They drive and hike, visit stores, outdoor areas and museums, and try many different restaurants.   Today it was Adrian's in Calcutta.  The food was wonderful, as always there, and the company even better.  
We talked about the Legends of Columbiana County, like Charles Arthur Floyd, and Gretchen and Esther.  We discussed the Grimms Bridge Area and Thompson Park.  At about 1pm we went down to Gretchen's lock and talked some more.  Then several members decided to walk back to Gretchen's Lock, #40.   Despite a fallen tree and a somewhat hot day, the walk was pleasant.  I learned a little about Scenic Vista Park.  Enough to wet my appetite to go there and have a closer look. 
I hope they had as good of a time today as I did.  I would gladly do this again. I hope they would too!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Ghostly Captain of Thompson Park

This is the apparition we captured on film on June 6, 2009.It is to the left of the red orb.  This location  is near the time capsule at Thompson Park.  We get very good EVP there, including one that claims to be The Captain.  In this picture, I noticed this apparition seems to be wearing a uniform of some sort, and I thought it was from WWI.  On Monday, I went to the Thompson  Park Council meeting and talked with one of the Council members, who had several stories he told me right there.  When I told him about The Captain, he told me the story of a man, in 1900, who was hired by the park to plant flower beds, and did so all over the park. He worked there for five years.  He was also a veteran of the Civil War.  His nickname was "The Captain".
While it is not proof that there is a ghost there,  it is amazing to find a story that actually helps to validate what we have heard, seen, felt, and discovered. 

Some Interesting Stories Coming From Thompson Park

Dave took this picture a few months back.  He noticed what looks like a horse and rifer on the path, beside the last tree you can see by the trail..   We had discussed this picture but didn't know what to say about it because we hadn't heard anything dealing with a horse and rider about he park.  I thought, like pony express or Civil War or something like that.  But no.
In the 1960's there was a man who rode his horse into the park one night.  The man was drunk and up near the Amphitheater, he rode his horse into a tree.  The horse broke it's neck and died.  A back hoe was brought in, a hole dug right near what was once called the band stand, but is now the Amphitheater, and the horse pushed in.  In other words, a horse is buried in an unmarked grave near the Amphitheater.  That might explain why a horse and rider apparition might be about in the park.  Keep your eyes open.  More info on this story, as well as other new stories coming soon.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Thank You Jonathan Brown

There was an extra element added to our Legends Walk Saturday which helped to make it that much better.  Jonathan Brown is a living historian in the area.  I met him last year at Harvest Days in Beaver Creek State Park. 
He also knows my crew member Briana, and before I knew it, he was standing at our walk as it was beginning, not only dressed as a confederate soldier, but had an outfit for our General Morgan top use also!  It was such a nice thing to do!  Thank you so much for your help Jon on Saturday!  You added so much to our walk and it was greatly appreciated!  

Remember To Ask A Spirit To Get Into The Picture With You

If you are in an area that you are pretty sure is haunted, sometimes if you ask for any spirits in the area to get into the picture with you, they sometimes do.  I always have my crew put their hands out and I say "If there are any spirits in the area that would like to get into the picture, please come and sit on one of their hands."
This is the result Friday night.  After we were done with all the posters for the Legends walk, we went up into a field by my home where there was once a graveyard.  It was removed some where between 1941(the date on the cemetery marker we found there) and 1950 when my father moved to this area as a young man).  He said there was never one there that he can remember.  But he did hear stories about it.  He said two farmers bought the property.  Half of the cemetery was on each mans property.  They would throw the stones back and forth onto each others section.  Finally the head stones  ended up in the yard of a next door neighbor.  The stones of the cemetery are rumored to have been used to build the foundation for the house that is there today. 
EVP is very good here.  We have also seen a shadow person wandering up there.  I was not surprised when we got this picture, though I am always amazed when they do something asked of them.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spring Grove Cemetery Civil War Soldier Honor -BY BECKY BUREN

Alfred Holland Green served as a Union soldier during the American Civil War.
He served with A company in the Pennsylvania 147th, which fought at the battle of
Surviving the war, he lived as a veteran until February 11, 1913. Sadly, there was no
Headstone to mark his grave. Nor was there a military marker of any kind.
In the recent past a descendant of the Brown/Green family began researching the
Family genealogy. During that search she came across Alfred Holland Green. Finding
out he was laid to rest at Spring Grove Cemetery, his plot was located, but bare.
Through much hard work and contacts, arrangements were made to place a military
marker on the grave. A small dedication ceremony was given at Spring Grove on
July 17th, 2010. Almost a century after soldier Green was buried.
A few words were spoken in honor of Alfred Holland Green, civil war living historians
offered a  gun salute with loud civil war era rifles, Taps was played by a solo horn
unseen up the hill that cascaded over the ceremony like a warm breeze. The flag was
then presented to the family members of soldier Green by U.S. Military Veterans of the
Tri-State Veterans Burial Group.
A military marker is now in place on the spot where this civil war soldier was laid
to rest in 1913. Alfred Holland Green May 5, 1843 - February 11, 1913.
--Photos also by Becky Buren

Great Turnout for Legends Walk

We had a fantastic turnout for Meet the Legends of Columbiana County!  It was a great reward for all our hard work the last few weeks! These pictures were taken by my crew member Becky.  I was so busy I didn't even get to pick up the camera!  We had one of our characters get stung by a bee 9 times.  Billi Baker had to be taken to the emergency room to be checked out because she was stung so many times.  Her parents said she will be fine.  A bee got trapped under her costume and couldn't get out.
Over 200 people walked the path and viewed our Legends.  I hope they had a great time!  Jaycees went above and beyond to help with everything, even buying two generaters so we could have the fog machines and strobe light for Jake the Nightwatchman.
Special thanks to Alan and Brad, our Bigfoots, for wearing those incrediblely hot suits!  They were soaked with sweat by the end of the evening! 
We met a new ghost hunting crew, Hanoverton Parnanormal.  We hope to work with them in the future to investigate Grove Hill Cemetery! 
I don't know if we will ever do this again, but I hope so. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Looking at orbs at Thompson Park

In our adventures down on the Back 9 this week we have had a large orb show up twice in pictures.   The first time is the group picture taken on Tuesday.   The second seemed interested in our Esther Hale.  We also got some excellent EVP down in that area last Saturday which I will be sharing next week.  Perhaps the costumes have their attention.  Or the excitement that we all feel when we are down there.  What ever it is, if you believe in this sort of thing, they seem interested in something.  Did I mention I believe? 

Friday, July 23, 2010

We Made The Review~!



These are some of the characters you will see at the ghost walk on Saturday.  Pictured here is Christina Sloan, Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy "Floyd, Jake the Night Watchman, Esther Hale, and General John Hunt Morgan.  Also Gretchen Gill, and The Blue Lady of Thompson Park.
   They look great and everything worked out nicely. 
Look for us in the Review newspaper on Friday!  At least that is the way we understood it!  They took pictures and interviewed a lot of people!   And all my volunteers were GREAT!  There is no cost for walking the trail on Saturday!  It is all free!  Please come out and have a look at the legends of Columbiana County!  This county has so much to offer and some great history to back it up!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brooke McKinely(a member of my crew) is Esther Hale!

One of the many legends of Columbiana County is that of Esther Hale.  She was the daughter of a Quaker preacher.  She met a young man, fell in love, and was getting married on Aug 12.  Wearing a beautiful wedding gown, she waited at the alter for her young man, but he never came.  For days afterward, she would be seen walking the streets of Sprucevale, still wearing her wedding gown, looking for her love.  Four months went by and finally no one saw her anymore.  Several members of the town went to her home to check on her and discovered her door banging open and closed in the wind.  When they entered her little house, they found her sitting at her dining room table, surrounded by all the food from her wedding feast.  It was untouched and rotten.  And Esther Hale herself was dead.  She had starved to death. 
Now, every August 12 you can find her on the bridge at Gretchen's Lock, the former location of Sprucevale.  But beware.  If she touches you, you will grow and wither and die, while she stays young and beautiful!

Esther is one of the 20 stories we are telling at the Ghost Walk "Meet the Legends of Columbiana County" on July 24 at 7pm.  This event is free.  There will be a donation jar set out and all money collected will be given to Thompson Park! 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rehearsal Night Number 1

These are just a few of the people who have volunteered for the "Meet The Legends Of Columbiana County" ghost walk we are having for the Ghost Hunters Show on Saturday, July 24.  It starts at 7pm.  We will have it running until 9pm.
Our first rehearsal was to determine where everyone would be, and to get some more costume ideas.  The masks are from the Jaycees basement and may be worn by the shadow people and random ghost you will encounter on the path.   While our main characters MIGHT not bother you, these guys surely will. 

We are also getting a coffin, fog machines and a few other surprises, too.  Thank you to the lovely ladies and kind gentlemen who have come out to volunteer their time for this event. 

Pop and water will be sold by the Jaycees and a donation jar for the park will be available also. 

Our next rehearsal is Thursday night at 7pm.  Anyone interested in being a random ghost or shadow person for this event, please be there at 7.  If you choose a shadow person, where black.  If a ghost, choose a costume of some kind and be ready to be made into a white ghostly form.  (We are using simple baby powder for this effect.)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Our New Banner and Sadie Barker, Too!

This is our new banner!  Dave got it for us and I just love it!  It is amazing and perfect for us!  Briana and my Mom are holding it up. 
Briana is dressed as Sadie Barker, the Salineville Witch.  In the mid to late 1800's Sadie was accused of being a witch and several members of the town of Salineville went to her little cabin one night.  They tied her to her bed, locked her dogs in with her and caught her cabin on fire.  As they were burning,  her agonized screams filled the night, accompanied by the howling of her dying dogs.  To this day, people report hearing those screams and howls in the spot where her cabin once stood.
Sadie Barker will be part of the tour on July 24th at Thompson Park.  7pm.  We are being joined by the East Liverpool Jaycees!  It is free and a great family event!  For more info, please see:

A visit to Lusk Lock and Bowman's Cemetery July 18.

Just a few shots from the Lusk Lock/Bowman Cemetery Tour.  About 15 people came and we had a great time!  The air was heavy but we were able to see everything and EVP and Ghost Box sessions went well.  We told stories and had experiences.  Then it started to get a little stormy. 
 A rumor  is going around apparently that Bowman's Cemtery  is private property and  no one can go there.  I have been out there twice this week alone and it is not blocked off from the public.  We have been out there on three occassions for a midnight run and also had no problems.  There are not any "NO TRESPASSING" signs anywhere or "Private Property" signs or "Keep Out" signs either.  For now I think it is just a rumor.  If I hear anything of an official basis, I will be sure to pass the information on.  If we as a community take care of that area and respect it, there should be no reason for anyone to block public use of it.  Keep that in mind the next time you go out there and think about knocking down one of the old crosses or pushing over a head stone.  That has not happened in a long time however, so I think the message is getting out to take care of these historic areas. 
Someone also asked about the huge crack that is supposed to be at Bowman's.  It is so large, they say you can put your whole arm in it.  THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THAT AT BOWMAN'S.  I HAVE BEEN GOING THERE SINCE 2006, AND I HAVEN'T SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THAT.  If it was there at one time, whoever fixed it did such a good job, you can't even tell where it was.  It does have ghosts and plenty of charm, but no gaping holes anywhere, for sure.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thompson Park Ghost Walk July 17

It was a nice evening at Thompson Park tonight.  Hot.  Muggy.  Successful.  We were joined by Holly (who would be on my crew if she didn't live in Columbus!  When she is up here, we always try to work out a little hunting somewhere.)  Bryan from the Jaycees, and Billi and Jen.  
We worked down on the Back 9, starting with the area where Makayla stood the other night.  We had some interesting things happen to us tonight, but because of the walk next Saturday, I am not going to let you hear it until next week.  It was a good night though.  After we worked this little clearing, we went down to the first bridge.  Amazing.  This was a good crew tonight and we had a great time.  You will be hearing the EVP we got this evening, next week.  The Ghost Box sessions were pretty good also.    But we have two EVP sessions that are Class A EVP's, clear and easy to hear.  
At one point, Bryan jumped out from behind a tree and scared everyone.  One of the girls said  "Now I believe he is from the Jaycees."