Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Ghostly Captain of Thompson Park

This is the apparition we captured on film on June 6, 2009.It is to the left of the red orb.  This location  is near the time capsule at Thompson Park.  We get very good EVP there, including one that claims to be The Captain.  In this picture, I noticed this apparition seems to be wearing a uniform of some sort, and I thought it was from WWI.  On Monday, I went to the Thompson  Park Council meeting and talked with one of the Council members, who had several stories he told me right there.  When I told him about The Captain, he told me the story of a man, in 1900, who was hired by the park to plant flower beds, and did so all over the park. He worked there for five years.  He was also a veteran of the Civil War.  His nickname was "The Captain".
While it is not proof that there is a ghost there,  it is amazing to find a story that actually helps to validate what we have heard, seen, felt, and discovered. 

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