Monday, July 19, 2010

Our New Banner and Sadie Barker, Too!

This is our new banner!  Dave got it for us and I just love it!  It is amazing and perfect for us!  Briana and my Mom are holding it up. 
Briana is dressed as Sadie Barker, the Salineville Witch.  In the mid to late 1800's Sadie was accused of being a witch and several members of the town of Salineville went to her little cabin one night.  They tied her to her bed, locked her dogs in with her and caught her cabin on fire.  As they were burning,  her agonized screams filled the night, accompanied by the howling of her dying dogs.  To this day, people report hearing those screams and howls in the spot where her cabin once stood.
Sadie Barker will be part of the tour on July 24th at Thompson Park.  7pm.  We are being joined by the East Liverpool Jaycees!  It is free and a great family event!  For more info, please see:

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