Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Interesting Stories Coming From Thompson Park

Dave took this picture a few months back.  He noticed what looks like a horse and rifer on the path, beside the last tree you can see by the trail..   We had discussed this picture but didn't know what to say about it because we hadn't heard anything dealing with a horse and rider about he park.  I thought, like pony express or Civil War or something like that.  But no.
In the 1960's there was a man who rode his horse into the park one night.  The man was drunk and up near the Amphitheater, he rode his horse into a tree.  The horse broke it's neck and died.  A back hoe was brought in, a hole dug right near what was once called the band stand, but is now the Amphitheater, and the horse pushed in.  In other words, a horse is buried in an unmarked grave near the Amphitheater.  That might explain why a horse and rider apparition might be about in the park.  Keep your eyes open.  More info on this story, as well as other new stories coming soon.

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