Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Shirts For Ghosting 12 Crew Coming Soon

We decided to design our own logo for our shirts so this logo will not be worn by Ghosting 12 Crew members much longer.  We will still have it for sale (at $10 each) . 
I was also informed by a concerned citizen that some people were wearing our shirts down at Gretchen's Lock and causing problems, like drinking and other things.  It isn't G12.   We do sell the shirts and it could be anyone.  If you see someone claiming to be with us and they have this on after September, it isn't us.  We will keep you informed on our new ones, which should be decided in the next week or so. And only members of Ghosting 12 Paranormal will have them to wear. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Orbs. A Hot Debate That Rages On

Right before I took this picture, one of the kids asked me if there were ever any purple orbs.  I said I didn't think so.  I saw blue ones and red, yellow, green and brown, but I never saw a purple one.  We had been getting dust orbs like this all evening (July 4, 2007) .   But when I looked at this one, I noticed to the left a purple orb.  Does that mean anything?  Is it proof?  We are standing in an old field that was once a cemetery back in the 1940's and before.  Could there have been spirits there that heard the question and put one in there?

This is the very first time I asked for any spirits in the area to get in a picture with me.  It was in the fall of 2005.  It was originally done as a joke but when I saw the orb so close, it got me thinking that perhaps we could get them in pictures where we asked them to go.  I have been doing it ever since.  

Sometimes they go where you ask.  Not always because not every where you go is haunted, that we know of.  But on a good night, when you have all kinds of activity going on, consider asking for something like this in your pictures. I will not sit here and tell you the orbs themselves are the spirits.   I don't know and I am not afraid to say that. But, we  need to stop  having tunnel vision and consider a much larger picture. Like a ghost pushing a ball across the room or touching you or scratching you. That is easy to believe since you see it on Television or even experienced it, but not a ghost manipulating a spec of dust? Or a bug? Don't look at the orb itself but what can be done with it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spring Hill Cemetery Wellsville, Ohio

Went for a visit to
Spring Hill Cemetery near Wellsville, Ohio yesterday.  To my delight, it is full of beautiful head stones.  The statues are my favorite to see.  They are so dramatic and detailed.  There is also one family plot that, at first I thought was the remains of an old church.    The whole feel of the place was amazing.
We are
working on getting permission to visit the park after dark. 
I am interested in the story of a man with the last name of Silver, who, it is said, was so evil, that no one would bury him in the cemetery with everyone else.  He was rumored to be a warlock perhaps.  Rich for sure as he is supposed to be in a Mausoleum?  We couldn't find it, so anyone who has heard of this and knows where it is, please let me know!  I am going back to my original source to get a map! :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fairview School Will Be Busy in October!

The old  Fairview Schools of Wellsville will be having overnight ghost hunts in October.  It is being given by Just A Orbin Paranormal,  a subsidiary of Just2GhostHunters.  The cost is $12 per person and includes pizza.  It will start at 9pm and end at 5am.
Here is the invite I got:

Thanks to Nick DaLonzo.He is sponsoring just2ghosthunters and crew from JUST A ORBIN PARANORMAL INVEST to use his building as a over night visit to his 2 haunted schools.
we will be spending the night in 2 old haunted schools. The cost is $12 ,which includes pizza from Da Lonzos (best pizza in the tri state),we will begi...n at 9pm and e...nd sometime in the late am (appx5am)children under 18 MUST have an adult with them.,this promises to be a great night.bring flashlights,recorders,chairs please.See More
haunted school overnight
Friday, October 1, 2010 at 9:00pm
fairfiew school,wellsville ohio

For more info:

Lake Marwin then and now

Lake Marwin was, at one time, a beautiful family fun area in East Liverpool.  Located up on the Shady Side of town, everyone went there to swim and picnic.  I don't remember the mini golf, but the diving and socializing I sure do!

I went looking for this a few days ago.  It has long been out of business.  Started in 1958, it went out of business in the late 1980's.  
There is little left today to remind us of what once was.  If you have never been there, you wouldn't know there was ever anything there except for the two little signs we found.  Just standing out there I was flooded with such wonderful memories. I drove away with a sad smile on my face and the workings of this story in my head.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Private Pioneer Family Cemetery

By David McElroy
A private pioneer family cemetery lies in the midst of a modern power plant complex at Shippingport.

The Christier Cemetery, containing the body of a Revolutionary War veteran, stands on a hilltop overlook the Ohio River within the Beaver Valley Power Station just east of the Shippingport Bridge.
The tract is part of the original Christ...ier 500 plus acres given to Michael Christier for service with a Virginia unit during the Revolutionary War. He along with John Christier, a War of 1812 veteran, are buried there.
Also interred are three boys who drowned in the Ohio River while traveling in the area and whose families could not be located.
The cemetery was discovered in the 1970s hidden by brush after the tract was purchased for the Beaver Valley Power Station. The utility preserved it.

A Midnight Run At Gretchen's Lock Aug 22

Yet another adventure at Gretchen's Lock and we had a great time!  The full moon just aluminates the area like nothing else.  It is beautiful down there any time, but a full moon is a must see site.  My ghost hunters for the evening included Brooke, Sammi, Briana, Will, Brian, Mike, and Lindsey.  Lindsey is a member of the Ghosting 12 Paranormal Virginia crew.  They are here for a visit with family.  She left today and we will miss her! 

We try to have a lot of fun on the adventures we go out on.  A series of emotions can sometimes help to elevate paranormal activity.  I wonder if Gretchen's Lock has been overhunted however.  Not much happened.  We did see several possible Shadow People in the trees, but nothing else. 
We are searching for other areas to investigate for midnight runs.  If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 21 Thompson Park Walk

Despite the rain, G12 went to Thompson Park  for our monthly ghost walk.  We had a good time.  Only  a few people were crazy  like us  to come out for it.  It was worth it though because we got a picture of an orb in some one's hand.  Phenomenal!   I also told the two new stories that were told to me by a Council Member for Thompson Park.  The story of the Captain who was hired at the park in 1900  and the drunk horse rider from the mid 1960's.
The next walk at Thompson Park is September 25.  We have a ghost tour scheduled in October but because Jaycees are having their haunted event for most of the month, mine is canceled.  Doesn't mean you won't see us though.  We will be there for sure helping out with the haunts!

Jaycees Are Coming to Thompson Park in October For a Frightening Good Time!


We attended a meeting at Thompson Park on Wednesday, Aug 18.  We have been talking to the park council for a couple weeks about Jaycees sponsoring a Halloween Event at the Park this year.  The exact dates are still being discussed. While we asked for the maximum amount of time we could get, (Thursday - Sunday all 5 weekends of October)  we may not use that much time.  By September 1st, we should have it all worked out.    Looking for volunteers for this event.  Jaycees are also looking for new members to help with this event.  More info to come soon.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Different Version of Floyds Demise From An Actual Official That Was There

Blasting a Gmen Myth
Oct. 22, 1934, G-Man Melvin Purvis cornered Bank Robber Charles ("Pretty Boy") Floyd in a farmhouse near East Liverpool, Ohio. When Floyd, armed with two .45-cal. pistols, fled across a stubbled cornfield toward the woods, Purvis and his men shot him to death. It was one of the most celebrated exploits of the G-men, forerunners of the present-day FBI agents, and enhanced Purvis' reputation as one of the country's ablest crime fighters. The story of Floyd's death stood unchallenged for almost 45 years.
Last week, however, retired East Liverpool Police Captain Chester C. Smith, now 84, came forward with a far different account of Floyd's death. One of six officers who accompanied Purvis that day, Smith was the first to spot Floyd trying to escape. Said Smith: "I knew Purvis couldn't hit him, so I dropped him with two shots from my .32 Winchester rifle." Stunned but not seriously wounded, Floyd sat up and was immediately disarmed by Smith.
Then, said Smith, Purvis ran up and ordered: "Back away from that man. I want to talk to him."Pretty Boy glared and cursed. At which point, said Smith, Purvis turned to G-Man Herman Hollis and said: "Fire into him." Hollis obeyed, said Smith, killing Floyd with a burst from a tommy gun.
Was there a coverup? "Sure was," said Smith, "because they didn't want it to get out that he'd been killed that way." Smith, who was promoted to captain following Floyd's killing, said he decided it was proper to set the record straight now because, of the seven men involved, only he remains alive — and the truth can no longer hurt anyone.

Here are some documents from Mr. Floyds death as well as autopsy pics and the alledged site where Floyd actually died.

Perhaps the most damaging evidence to Mr. Arthur's story is this autopsy picture.  There is only one bullet hole on his chest.  There is another pic I have seen that shows one bullet hole in his arm.  That part would collaberate Mr. Arthur saying he shot Floyd twice, but according to the autopsy report, the chest wound is what killed Mr. Floyd.  As you can see, his chest isn't full of holes, as a Tommy Gun would surely cause.  
I would like to hear more about it from Mr. Arthur!  I didn't know anyone was still alive from that incident!  To hear his whole story would be great!  Maybe it didn't go down like the article is written.  Perhaps he was misquoted.   Or maybe the other bullet holes are under the sheet draped over his body.  There were questions about the autopsy at the time.  If you read the documents you will see that Mr. Floyd had been embalmed before the autopsy and there was an extra injury from that.  Maybe that was the Tommy Gun Fire.  Definitely need to hear more of the tale!

Midnight Runs Across The County

 This summer has been one big adventure for G12.  We have been all over the county investigating different areas.  Bowmans Cemetery has been a favorite and Hot spot. 

Gretchens Lock has also been a favorite Hot spot for us.  We have been down there under many conditions, including fog.  That is important though to learn.  It is the same with catching your breath in a picture. 

We met the cutest little raccoon at Gretchen's.  I hope he is okay.  Haven't seen him in a while.  Some people are feeding him, and I hope no one hurts him thinking he means them harm.  People need to stop feeding him so he stops coming around.  One of my crew members, Sammi, calls him road kill because she thinks he will get hit by a car sooner or later, trying to cross the road to people when some other idiot goes speeding down through there like they do.  I agree with her. 

We have done private homes, public places and businesses.  We have also made many new friends, and enemies, unfortunately.  You will have that in the ghost hunting field though.  Can't be helped.  Now we are going in a completely new direction.  I am excited for the path we have started down.  With 20 plus crew members, next years tour schedule should be easy to accomplish.    And far reaching.  We have only hit the tip of the iceberg in Columbiana County.  Next year we hope to hit Wellsville, Salem,  Salineville, and Leetonia.  Plus our usual spots.  And we are always looking for a new place to investigate, public or private.  Any suggestions? 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Picture Sent In By Adrienne from The Grist Mill

This picture was sent in by Adrienne Miller of East Liverpool.   There is  what looks like a face in the right corner between the beams.  This corner needs a closer inspection to determine whether or not there is anything on the wall that might appear to be like this face.  Debunking is the first priority.  Once you discover the condition of the wall, check the angles you took the picture from as well.  I am of the opinion that this is a hot spot in the Mill.  I have also gotten great pictures from this area .  There have been times when our tempature gages have registered this corner being several degrees cooler than the other corners.  When inside the Mill, check out this area for your self and see what you find. 
Thank you Adrienne for sending in this cool picture!  Keep up the good work!

Monday, August 16, 2010

An Old Forgotten School House on Cream Ridge Road, Township Highway 895

While on our Barnes Cemetery Adventure, we accidentally found
a BONUS!   This old building sits right beside the road.  Never one to be shy, I walked up to the owners house and asked him about it.  He said it was built around 1866, and was at one time a one room school house!  He took us inside and showed us around. It once had a fireplace, but later was heated by an old pot belly stove (pictured with Briana).    The owners  are working on their own to try to save it.  On the outside of the building you will find carved initials of the children who attended school here.  I am looking for information about this old building.  It's name.  How long it was a school.  Anything.  ghosting12@yahoo.com
Like I said:  Columbiana County is full of lost history.  G12 is working to find it!  And any ghosts we happen to find along the way!

Barnes/Lowries Cemetery

Mike is a garbage guy and he finds little cemeteries like this one once in a while.  The sign says Barnes Cemetery, but when you look it up, the official name is Lowery's.  Here is a link for Find-a-Grave with a little more info on it.
As always, thanks Dave for the great research work!
While 12 people are  listed as being buried in this cemetery, there are divots in the ground that suggest others as well.  Often, people were buried in Pine Boxes.  Made of simple wood, it didn't take long for them to rot away in the ground.  When this happens, the ground sinks into the now empty space, creating a sort of sink hole at the grave.  It may also be that family members came and dug up their loved ones, moving them to another cemetery.  There is a large sunken in area pictured above that might suggest several graves were moved, though I can't say for sure that that is the case.  If you have any history on this little cemetery, please let me know.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Camp Tales at Lock 30 Woodlands

Despite the storm, we had a great evening at Lock 30 last night.  We had a nice crowd, all of whom braved the wind and rain to come and hear our tales.  We told them of Gretchen, Esther, Sadie, Christina, Pretty Boy Floyd, General Morgan, Billy Amos, Lucy Cobb, Jake, and several others.  We then did a few EVP and Ghost Box Sessions with some surprising results.  We may have talked to a Civil War Soldier.  It was intriguing. 
We hope to visit Lock 30 again in the future.  I understand that they thought we were going to tell scary, can't sleep at night, tales, only to discover we told tales of history instead.  They were pleasantly surprised.  G12 had a great time and hope they did, too.
Oh, and thankfully I had Dave here this evening to take pictures!  I have missed his many shots and angles.  We will be without him again as he retires from the military soon and will be headed for England for a couple of weeks.  He and his wife, Mary Ann, are taking the Jack the Ripper tour, among many,  and I am excited to see what they discover!