Monday, August 16, 2010

Barnes/Lowries Cemetery

Mike is a garbage guy and he finds little cemeteries like this one once in a while.  The sign says Barnes Cemetery, but when you look it up, the official name is Lowery's.  Here is a link for Find-a-Grave with a little more info on it.
As always, thanks Dave for the great research work!
While 12 people are  listed as being buried in this cemetery, there are divots in the ground that suggest others as well.  Often, people were buried in Pine Boxes.  Made of simple wood, it didn't take long for them to rot away in the ground.  When this happens, the ground sinks into the now empty space, creating a sort of sink hole at the grave.  It may also be that family members came and dug up their loved ones, moving them to another cemetery.  There is a large sunken in area pictured above that might suggest several graves were moved, though I can't say for sure that that is the case.  If you have any history on this little cemetery, please let me know.

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