Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Different Version of Floyds Demise From An Actual Official That Was There

Blasting a Gmen Myth
Oct. 22, 1934, G-Man Melvin Purvis cornered Bank Robber Charles ("Pretty Boy") Floyd in a farmhouse near East Liverpool, Ohio. When Floyd, armed with two .45-cal. pistols, fled across a stubbled cornfield toward the woods, Purvis and his men shot him to death. It was one of the most celebrated exploits of the G-men, forerunners of the present-day FBI agents, and enhanced Purvis' reputation as one of the country's ablest crime fighters. The story of Floyd's death stood unchallenged for almost 45 years.
Last week, however, retired East Liverpool Police Captain Chester C. Smith, now 84, came forward with a far different account of Floyd's death. One of six officers who accompanied Purvis that day, Smith was the first to spot Floyd trying to escape. Said Smith: "I knew Purvis couldn't hit him, so I dropped him with two shots from my .32 Winchester rifle." Stunned but not seriously wounded, Floyd sat up and was immediately disarmed by Smith.
Then, said Smith, Purvis ran up and ordered: "Back away from that man. I want to talk to him."Pretty Boy glared and cursed. At which point, said Smith, Purvis turned to G-Man Herman Hollis and said: "Fire into him." Hollis obeyed, said Smith, killing Floyd with a burst from a tommy gun.
Was there a coverup? "Sure was," said Smith, "because they didn't want it to get out that he'd been killed that way." Smith, who was promoted to captain following Floyd's killing, said he decided it was proper to set the record straight now because, of the seven men involved, only he remains alive — and the truth can no longer hurt anyone.

Here are some documents from Mr. Floyds death as well as autopsy pics and the alledged site where Floyd actually died.

Perhaps the most damaging evidence to Mr. Arthur's story is this autopsy picture.  There is only one bullet hole on his chest.  There is another pic I have seen that shows one bullet hole in his arm.  That part would collaberate Mr. Arthur saying he shot Floyd twice, but according to the autopsy report, the chest wound is what killed Mr. Floyd.  As you can see, his chest isn't full of holes, as a Tommy Gun would surely cause.  
I would like to hear more about it from Mr. Arthur!  I didn't know anyone was still alive from that incident!  To hear his whole story would be great!  Maybe it didn't go down like the article is written.  Perhaps he was misquoted.   Or maybe the other bullet holes are under the sheet draped over his body.  There were questions about the autopsy at the time.  If you read the documents you will see that Mr. Floyd had been embalmed before the autopsy and there was an extra injury from that.  Maybe that was the Tommy Gun Fire.  Definitely need to hear more of the tale!

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